4 Pay Per Call Campaign Hurdles Ringba Helps You Overcome


4 Pay Per Call Campaign Hurdles Ringba Helps You Overcome

There are 4 key aspects of campaigns that can be difficult to maintain if you don’t have the right software, luckily programs like Ringba exist to optimize your campaigns with tracking, publisher management, call distribution and reporting.

Tracking Calls from Internal Marketing Efforts

If you are advertising in two different weekly newspapers, on Facebook, Instagram, and through Google Ads you may know that all of these efforts combined are generating lots of new customers for your business, but if you do not track your phone calls you won’t know whether one is more effective than another. Listening to call recordings is the best way to learn more about the calls you are generating and improve your marketing campaigns and the performance of your team that is interacting with customers.

Publisher Management

Manage publishers seamlessly with Ringba by providing them with their own login and reporting interfaces. Assign publishers their own unique tracking phone numbers for each campaign you want to work with them on and credit their account a payout based on various criteria for every successful call with Ringba. Also, adding a publisher to your account gives your partner access to their statistics, campaigns, and (if allowed) the ability to create numbers and number pools.

Managing Call Distribution

When you’re running a call center, you want your agents to ALWAYS be on the phone. Using call tracking software like Ringba, you can manage your concurrency to ensure you are always running your call center floor at 90% efficiency at all times. Combined with Ringba’s robust load-balancing functionality, your agents will always be talking to a customer. Load-balancing gives you the ability to route your call overflow to agents who are available, reduces caller wait time, improves agent productivity, ensures calls are serviced in a timely manner and leaves you free to run your contact center at peak efficiency.

Reporting for Drilling into Results 

Ringba gives you the insights you need the most from the potential customer’s first interaction with your campaign(s). Call tracking creates a vital data map connecting your offline sales with your marketing efforts because you’ll have full performance data to see how to better optimize your campaigns as well as how many converted calls source or publisher generates. Ringba provides a native integration for connecting directly to your Google Ads account to automatically track and report your calls as conversions. This gives you the ability to monitor and optimize your campaigns in real-time. If you don’t have your own call tracking, then you can’t tell if the network statistics are accurate, you have no visibility into what’s going on in that phone call, you don’t know if the call was legit and you don’t know if the call even happened in the first place. You also don’t know how many calls you’re generating. By using call tracking you can keep everyone honest and avoid being taken advantage of.

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