4 Reasons Warm Transfer Publishers Need their own Call Tracking


4 Reasons Warm Transfer Publishers Need their own Call Tracking

Between gaining control of calls to prevent losses and maximize connections, making data based routing decisions, and having the reporting to analyze your business effort — having call tracking in place as a growing warm transfer center is absolutely essential to your long-term success.

Complete Control Over Your Call Flow

One that comes to mind immediately, especially if you are working with multiple buyers, is the ability to gain complete control of your call flow. A system like Ringba allows you to prioritize your buyers however you see fit, and choose how you distribute your call volume among those buyers. This is a big money maker for clients and also prevents them from wasting calls.

Ownership of Your Call Data

Another critical piece of the puzzle is putting all of that valuable consumer data your transfer agents obtain, to work. With Ringba, you can use your call data to make routing decisions that you were not able to do previously. Another benefit, if your buyer wants data along with their call or if your buyer wants to verify TCPA compliance, you’ll be able easily to send them that TrustedForm or Jornaya data in real-time.

Granular Reporting and Analytics

Reporting is another item that is incredibly important. Your dialer or call center system that you have your agents plugged into is going to have a simple dashboard, but nothing that is linked to the actual performance of your calls. One example would be agent level performance- by passing in the agent name, you can run reports in Ringba so see what conversion rates are for calls that individual agents transferred to your clients. You can easily drill down into any specific campaign and run all types of tag data based reports. The attribution also helps you see what purchased data is working well for your agents and business.

Partner Management 

We’ve seen a lot of call centers scale up quickly and then require partners to fill in volume gaps for their clients. Using call tracking with Ringba, you can easily onboard other publishers to help with volume, provide your partners publisher logins, and have everything under one roof.

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