4 Ways to Optimize Pay Per Call Campaigns During Open Enrollment



Pay Per Call campaigns put your company front and center for consumers shopping during the open enrollment period with these 4 strategies.

Optimize Keywords

Focus on primary keywords that apply to this year on blogs, landing pages, and other ad content. Take advantage of negative keywords as well, which are what you want to be excluded from your campaigns. You want to specifically appear in the searches of those looking for new health insurance coverage during open enrollment.

Specialize Content to Open Enrollment

Make specialized content that speaks to consumers looking for new coverage during open enrollment. You could post blogs to answer frequently asked questions about open enrollment or highlight basic plan details and pricing. The goal of a landing page isn’t to get a customer to buy, it’s to get them to reach out with questions and then convert. For your landing pages to show up, you’ll need a good combination of open enrollment-optimized keywords and relevant content.

Improve IVR Directions

Prepare for an influx of phone calls by improving IVR directions. Pay Per Call campaigns are no good for your business if customers end up on hold or get through to the wrong person. Route customer calls quickly and efficiently with Ringba’s routing software.

Offer a Call-Back Option

Include a call-back option within the IVR system or on a landing page. Offer callers a call-back list or the option to leave a message to ensure that those in a rush to get coverage are served.

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