5 Reasons Insurance Call Centers Need to Use Call Tracking


5 Reasons Insurance Call Centers Need to Use Call Tracking

Ringba gives insurance call centers the tools they need to succeed, here are 5 reasons insurance call centers need to use call tracking. 

Connect your Offline Sales to your Online Marketing

Call tracking software like Ringba gives you the ability to connect your online sales to your offline marketing and accurately attribute your marketing spend. With inbound call tracking, businesses and marketers can gain deep insights into what is driving purchasing decisions while connecting offline sales to online marketing.

Insurance companies spend enormous sums on marketing and advertising. But if you’re not tracking your calls, you’re flying blind. With call tracking, you can easily close the gap between your digital campaigns and your sales calls, creating a seamless customer journey that will lead to higher revenue.

Improve your Call Handling by listening to Call Recordings

By listening to your call recordings, you can easily provide feedback and train your agents to handle phone calls that result in better sales. Listening to call recordings is one of the most underutilized strategies for gaining deep insight into your campaigns, and, more importantly, your customers.

Implement Ringba’s Instant Caller Profile

While many call tracking software companies provide you with caller data, Ringba’s Instant Caller Profile appends hundreds of data points concerning the caller’s demographics. Route calls from “high value” clients to your best closing agents or push customer information from Ringba into your CRM

Manage Concurrency to Run your Call Center at Peak Efficiency

When you’re running a call center, you want your agents to ALWAYS be on the phone. Using call tracking software like Ringba, you can manage your concurrency to ensure you are always running your call center floor at 90% efficiency at all times. Combined with Ringba’s robust load-balancing functionality, your agents will always be talking to a customer. Load-balancing gives you the ability to route your call overflow to agents who are available, reduces caller wait time, improves agent productivity, ensures calls are serviced in a timely manner and leaves you free to run your contact center at peak proficiency.

Convert More Callers to Customers

Ringba makes it easy to pull in lead data for warmer conversations and better conversions. Use a whisper function to tell you or your agents where the lead came from for instant context that will help with selling.

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