5 Ways to Increase Conversion Rates for Home Services Campaigns


5 Ways to Increase Conversion Rates for Home Services Campaigns

Here are 5 ways you can increase conversion rates for home services campaigns.

Make Every Call Matter

40% of home services consumers who call from search make a purchase. Make it easy for consumers to call you. This includes using call extensions on Google ads and making “call now” an action on social media and landing pages. Track callers from marketing source to appointment or sale using call tracking software like Ringba. This will help you understand how your digital marketing is generating calls.

Improve Call Handling with Call Recordings

By listening to your call recordings, you can easily provide feedback and train your agents to handle phone calls that result in better sales. Listening to call recordings is one of the most underutilized strategies for gaining deep insight into your campaigns, and, more importantly, your customers. Capture the common questions callers are asking on calls and address them in your online content to improve SEO and boost conversions.

Identify your best leads and target them

Ringba’s dynamic number pools give a unique phone number to every user. This helps you find where your callers are calling from. Those calls get attributed to the user’s session information giving you detailed tracking information about the source of the user so you can further optimize your campaigns. Ringba tracks all impression data whether a user calls or doesn’t, which means you can gain even deeper insight by viewing reports based on keywords and other criteria to see who did call, who didn’t call, and adjust your advertising campaign targeting accordingly.

Use Data

Analyze conversations to measure what percentage of calls aren’t being answered at each location, if long on-hold times result in high call abandon rates, if the caller was a good lead, if they converted, and which agents or locations are best (and worst) at converting callers to consumers. The best marketers in the world are all-data driven… You should be too, and you can be when you use call tracking software like Ringba to optimize your campaigns.

Optimize, analyze, repeat

Target past callers and lookalike audiences with new ad campaigns. Your callers provide a wealth of targeting data you can use to more effectively acquire new customers and retarget qualified callers based on whether or not they booked an appointment or converted.

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