Dominating Pay Per Call in the World’s Most Competitive Verticals


Dominating Pay Per Call in the World’s Most Competitive Verticals

Super Affiliate Anthony Sarandrea uses Ringba to Increase his revenue by 500% while driving down advertising costs.

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Anthony Sarandrea is a world-renowned performance marketer. He has been featured in major publications such as Inc Magazine, Entrepreneur, and Forbes. He has also shared his knowledge on the Pay Per Callers Show, Young Smart Money, and Inbound Success, and has spoken at our industry’s biggest trade shows and events.

“The performance marketing industry is lucky to see an affiliate like Anthony once in a decade,” says Ringba Founder Adam Young. “His entire team has an unwavering commitment to excellence.”

Based in Scottsdale, Arizona, Anthony’s team manages a profitable portfolio of brands across a number of verticals including health, finance, legal, and education. Their properties reach millions of consumers every month and drive more than five
thousand high-quality inbound calls on a daily basis.

“We are laser-focused on driving inbound phone calls, which we’ve always taken to be a superior product versus a traditional form fill.” says Sarandrea. “Calls are more complicated to generate, but achieve a better outcome for our clients and a higher return on investment for us.”


Performance marketers face a unique challenge when deciding whether they are going to try and generate a form fill, or drive consumers towards picking up their phone and calling.

“Nine times out of ten, the end goal of a form fill is to get the consumer on the phone,” says Sarandrea. “We are cutting out that step and are saving our clients a ton of time, cost, and energy that is required to get a consumer on the phone, educate them on services, and sell them. When our calls connect, the consumers on the line are ready to make a purchase.”

While the majority of pay per call affiliates rely entirely on Google’s ‘call-only’ ads for their campaigns, Anthony’s team realized early on that they had to master alternative traffic sources or be stuck in a highly competitive pool of traffic with limited scale. They invested a significant amount of time and effort into researching marketing angles, optimization strategies, and their technology stack, to create an advantage over other affiliates and brokers.

“You have to approach marketing in a completely diff erent way to get someone on the phone. Sometimes that’s creating urgency, reframing their expectations, or tapping into their emotional state,” says Sarandrea. “Getting a consumer interested enough to engage through an inbound call is super important and part of what makes it an ultimately superior product for our clients.”


Anthony’s team needed a solution designed for media buyers with the flexibility to integrate their own technology and move data in and out of the platform at various stages of the customer journey.

“The founders of Ringba have an impressive background. They come from the affiliate space so they have a very performance-driven mindset,” says Sarandrea. “They’re like former NBA All-Stars who now run a training camp; or ex-Olympic weightlifters teaching you proper form. They’ve been-there and done-that so if you’re an affiliate, brand or network, their platform is built specifically to get you that extra ten percent that pushes you over the edge.”

Ringba’s dedicated support engineers worked with Anthony’s media buying team to integrate with all the platforms they are buying media on, implement tracking on all of their landing pages, integrate their proprietary technology, and dynamically route all of their calls to the highest paying buyers.

“Ringba’s rule-based optimizations on our call flows make it possible to deliver the right call to the right person at the right time for the right reasons,” said Sarandrea. “Ringba gives us a dashboard that almost feels like ‘Facebook Ads’. If you’re a media buyer, you’ll feel really comfortable working in the interface.”

Together, we were able to improve tracking visibility, improve the efficiency of their call flow, and optimize their media buying campaigns, ultimately achieving a greater return on advertising spend.


25% Reduction in Call Tracking Costs

Through a redesign of Anthony’s call flow that utilizes Ringba’s real-time routing technology, we were able to reduce costs and dropped calls by more than twenty five percent.

“The customer service team genuinely understands and knows the product,” says Sarandrea. “We are actually able to speak with the developers, have them solve our problems, and they are empowered to do whatever is needed to help us succeed. You don’t feel like a number in a queue.”

500% Increase in Revenue

Since starting with Ringba, Anthony and his team have been able to achieve a drastic increase in multi-channel revenue. By leveraging Ringba’s routing technology, Instant Caller Profiles, and detailed analytics, they have been able to expand into new verticals and drive up returns on every advertising dollar they spend.

“With Ringba’s help, we have been able to grow our revenue more than 500% since we migrated to their platform. The results speak for themselves.”


Anthony aims to continue to grow his portfolio of vertical-based web portals and expand into new verticals. He is excited about how technology will help improve consumers’ experiences, and create a better return for all of his clients.

“Ringba is far superior to any other platform when it comes to technology and innovation. They really are the premiere solutions provider for pay per call; nothing even comes close. I highly recommend you speak with Ringba as soon as possible.”

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