Best Practices for Pay Per Call Campaigns on Google Ads: Part 2


Best Practices for Pay Per Call Campaigns on Google Ads: Part 2

Create your next successful google ad Pay Per Call campaign by knowing your data, tracking your calls and using conversion rate optimization.

We’re going to look at some best practices for managing pay per call campaigns on Google Ads.

In part 1, we talked about keywords and how to implement them, if you’re interested in learning about Long-Tail Keyword Variations, Implementing a Negative Keyword List, and how to use Customized Landing Pages and Dynamic Keyword Insertion you can watch the video here.

Conversion Rate Optimization

With Call-Only ads you want to use the call length and call rate data to hone in on what is working best. That could be ad variants that generate the most calls and best call durations, or keywords that lead to more frequent and better calls. Conversion rate optimization saves money and allows you to produce better results on the same ad spend.

Know Your Data

Data and metrics might frequently suggest things that are counter-intuitive so you can’t have your mind set on a singular idea or strategy that may work as that can change quickly. Be adaptable and agile because what made sense one week or one day ago may not anymore so do not get complacent. Review your data and results daily, or multiple times throughout the day for the best results, especially when your campaigns are new.

When it comes to strategy, Google is really simple. Give the searcher exactly what they’re looking for. If you want to stand out from your competitors, show the searcher exactly what they want, and be relevant from the search to the ad to the landing page. Be really relevant and tell them to call.

The data will always show what’s really going on, but it can be interpreted lots of ways so you have to constantly re-evaluate all the possibilities and try new things. Remember to always: test, optimize, and grow!

Track Your Calls

It’s really important that you use your call tracking platform. If you don’t have your own call tracking, then you can’t tell if the network statistics are accurate, you have no visibility into what’s going on in that phone call, you don’t know if the call was legit and you don’t know if the call even happened in the first place. You also don’t know how many calls you’re generating if you don’t use your own call tracking. If you want to build a real business in pay per call, step one is to use call tracking. By using call tracking you can keep everyone honest and avoid being taken advantage of.

Ringba provides a native integration for connecting directly to your Google Ads account to automatically track and report your calls as conversions. This gives you the ability to monitor and optimize your Google Ads campaigns in real-time.

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