Best Practices for Pay Per Call IVRs (Part 2)


Best Practices for Pay Per Call IVRs (Part 2)

Ringba’s Call Tracking software makes it easy to optimize your IVRs and generate more conversions. Here are some more best practices for Pay Per Call IVRs.

Use Whisper Messages

Whisper messages are heard by the buyer before the caller is transferred to them. When selling calls, you can reinforce the value you drive to your buyer with each call by adding a short message that says that you were responsible for generating the phone call. For your buyer or someone receiving calls, you can provide instant context of who might me on the other side of the phone by including information about the lead, source, keyword and more.

Use a Voiceover Artist that Appeals to Your Target Audience

The biggest thing with voiceover artists is making sure they’re relatable to your target audience. For instance, if you’re targeting over 65, you should use a voiceover artist that is also over 65. If you’re selling to women, use a male actor, if you’re selling to men, use a female actor. The style of speaking matters too. If you’re running a campaign in a particular region, you’ll want those potential customers to hear a familiar accent. These details will lead to more conversions. Customer comfort matters, choose voiceover artists that your target audience will relate to.

Enrich Your Calls in Real-Time with Instant Caller Profile

With Ringba’s Instant Caller Profile, you can instantly enrich your call flows with hundreds of data points about your caller to make real-time routing decisions and send calls to the buyer with the highest probability of closing a sale. All inside your IVR. For instance, instead of asking your caller to enter in their zip code, Ringba can provide it instead without the caller having to type it into their phone. This leads to a better customer experience, and a drastically higher conversion rate.

The data you get from Instant Caller Profile goes even further than predictive routing. Ringba gives you the ability to use your data to build custom audiences, segment your callers into demographic groups, predict call outcomes before they happen, and create conversion opportunities like never before.

Always Split Test for the Best Results

Split testing and experimenting to get the best results is a crucial skill for media buyers. For Pay Per Callers, this means testing your IVRs using different voice overs, scripts, genders, artists, tones, menu options, and more. Test everything and analyze the results in Ringba’s Reporting to make data-driven decisions for optimizing your pay per call campaigns.

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