Marketing Agency Grows Their Business by Enhancing Call Tracking Capabilities


Marketing Agency Grows Their Business by Enhancing Call Tracking Capabilities

Diablo Media was able to create new business opportunities while gaining a deeper insight into call analytics.

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Diablo Media is a performance marketing agency that sells calls, leads, and data. Since opening in 2006 in Denver, Colorado, Diablo Media has grown to a team of 35 and has been recognized by Inc. 5000 as one of America’s Fastest Growing Private Companies. They were one of the first digital agencies specializing in cost-per-acquisition marketing and have since remained leaders in the industry.

Diablo Media’s top verticals are in the legal industry, specifically in personal injury, social security disability, and bankruptcy. They also, however, service verticals in education, finance, and family benefits amongst others. Their internal media buying team and affiliate partnerships allow them to build successful campaigns for their clients using email, search, social, display, and telephone marketing.

Angela Pavalko, Director of Properties and Projects at Diablo Media, describes their call services as “an in-house media buying team as well as a portfolio of owned and operated properties that we use to generate high quality compliant call traffic.”


Since the company’s inception, Diablo Media had been working with another call tracking platform to handle their IVR routing and call management. However, they were quickly growing frustrated with this platform’s interface and support.

“We had been working with another platform for almost seven years but we were getting really frustrated with its reporting. It was extremely difficult to navigate, and we found ourselves spending way too much time pulling reports manually,” remarked Pavalko.

Diablo Media’s live calls offering was secondary to their primary services but they were looking to grow that aspect of their business. They recognized that their current platform was not equipped to help them make this transition, and that they needed external support to expand their call business. As Pavalko described it, “We weren’t call marketing gurus. We didn’t know all the ins and outs of pay per call.”

The Diablo Team was in search of a call marketing platform that was simple to integrate into their current API. They also, however, needed a partner that could offer them support and ensure that their day-to-day operation of this service was relatively automated.

“We were looking for a solution that would really make things easier for us and a system that would give us a lot of support if we needed it,” says Pavalko.


Ultimately, Pavalko and her team at Diablo Media decided that Ringba would be the best platform to manage and operate their call business. They were quickly impressed with how simple the migration process was, with Pavalko even remarking that “integrating with Ringba was really seamless and extremely easy.”

In addition to their satisfaction with the software, Pavalko commented to our team: “The one thing we loved about Ringba when we first started working with you was that you did an exceptional job of teaching us the basics; what we needed to know to be successful, how we could pull the reports we needed, and answering every single question we had.”

With Ringba, Diablo Media was able to offer detailed call tracking and reporting to their clients as an added value within their suite of services. This allowed them to scale their operations and integrate multi-platform solutions for their clients.

For example, they were able to install the Ringba JavaScript on their landing pages and better optimize their media buying activities. This allowed them to provide higher quality leads and phone calls at a lower cost for their attorney clients.

As they rolled out the new platform, the Diablo team was extremely satisfied with the level of support they received from Ringba. Pavalko noted that the support team at Ringba was always available, and always helpful, saying: “What really hooked us initially was the support. Whenever we looked to Ringba to help us set anything up or answer any questions, the Ringba team was on top of it.”

While noting that the API integration was seamless, Pavalko also noticed that the integration between the Ringba and Diablo teams was also seamless: “The Ringba team was awesome throughout the entire onboarding and migration process. We really love Ringba here at Diablo.”


Overall, Pavalko noticed that Ringba opened up new business opportunities for Diablo while improving operational efficiencies. Specifically, Pavalko called out how much simpler it is on the Ringba API to onboard a new affiliate partner:

“Once we started working with the platform, we were blown away by what we saw with Ringba compared to our previous provider. You can really tell that there’s a good system setup and a great team on the backend ready to help with anything you need.”

In addition to lowering their call tracking costs, Ringba was able to improve the quality of incoming leads: “Using the IVR really helps improve the quality of our call traffic especially when compared to what we were using before,” says Pavalko. She adds: “what we had before was really archaic, dinosaur-like and clunky. We are really impressed with the functionality that Ringba provides. Ringba is next-level.”

Ringba’s easy to use IVR builder has also enabled Diablo to automate and simplify their routing strategies: “The IVR builder allows us to create complex routing plans quicker and easier than ever. We’re able to do some really unique things with Ringba’s IVR builder,” says Pavalko.

Pavalko also finds value in Ringba’s reporting capabilities. With Diablo’s previous platform, Pavalko was forced to manually generate reports causing a waste of time and resources.

With Ringba, this process is much simpler. “I love using the reporting features. It’s super easy to find exactly what I’m looking for and pull the call data I need,” says Pavalko. With automated reports that offer rich insights, Diablo has been able to create better campaigns for their clients. Pavalko notes that “Ringba’s reporting helps us make smarter decisions faster.”


Having worked with competitive pay per call platforms, Pavalko highly recommends making the transition to Ringba: “If you’re comparing it to something you’re already using, I can almost guarantee Ringba is going to be better.”

Pavalko also speaks enthusiastically about the level of support she received during the migration process and beyond, remarking that helpful support is always a phone call or email away: “It’s a really great platform and we love working with the Ringba team. The customer service is truly exceptional.”

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