How Call Tracking Optimizes Cross Selling Pay Per Call Campaigns


How Call Tracking Optimizes Cross Selling Pay Per Call Campaigns

While it is important to generate fresh calls, there is a big advantage to cross selling new opportunities to existing customers that have already called in.

Maximize the Value of Every Call You Generate

Collecting data and generating live phone calls can be very expensive; so, doesn’t it just make sense to reuse that data? Cross selling is a terrific opportunity to increase your overall margins and run more sustainable campaigns. This will allow you to get the maximum amount of value out of your ad spend and, in turn, lead to more profitability.

Track and Use Data To Run More Profitable Campaigns

Before you can even think about cross-selling campaigns, you need somewhere to collect and store caller data. After all, how can you use data if you don’t collect it? With Ringba you can see the caller journey from click to call to conversion. You can see where callers’ demographics, where they are calling from, how long they stayed on the call, what the typical patterns are from past buyers with similar characteristics, and listen to call recordings to learn typical phrases.

Implement Instant Caller Profile and Data Enrichment

Explore new verticals that already have similar demographics to your existing campaigns where you can repurpose that data. Using products like Ringba’s instant caller profile and data enrichment will allow you to potentially even contact those customers using different methods like email and SMS. There are certainly opportunities for monetization by repurposing the data from one vertical to another. This can be the difference between a successful campaign and a not so successful campaign.


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