How to Find Local Pay Per Call Clients


How to Find Local Pay Per Call Clients

Selling your Pay Per Call services to local clients allows you to take a higher margin and route overflow traffic to networks and other offers.

If you want to make money with Pay Per Call marketing, one of the most valuable strategies you can deploy is to “go direct” and to develop relationships with local businesses.

Pick a Local Pay Per Call Vertical

Choosing a profitable vertical isn’t about choosing an industry that you can charge the most for your calls, it’s about choosing the one that you already know. Having a solid understanding of the industry you are entering will save you enormous amounts of time when prospecting clients, running campaigns or breaking into new markets.

Within Pay Per Call, there are more types of verticals or broad categories/industries and sub-verticals that you could imagine. Some of the top verticals with tons of active call buyers include:

– Home Services – Examples of Home Services Pay Per Call verticals include; Home Security, Plumbing / HVAC, Solar Panel Installation, and Towing.

– Legal Services – Examples of pay per call campaigns in the Legal Services industry; include Criminal, Divorce, Family, and Personal Injury.

– Medical / Health – Examples of call campaigns for Medical / Health  include; Dental, Chiropractor, Diet / Weight-Loss, and Drug Rehab.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg!

If you live in a city (or even a big-ish town), you’ll notice that you can probably think of businesses in your local area that work in these industries and verticals. Even better, you may already be familiar with how these businesses work. You might have already called in and know what it’s like to be a customer.

Getting Started Locally

Your very first target market should be an area that you are physically located in. Why? Because you’re already familiar with the geographic location, the local economy and culture and you can quickly assess if there is enough opportunity in your local market for the vertical you picked.

You should aim for at least 3 – 5 buyers in each market for your vertical. If your campaigns are as successful as they should be, you will have more than enough calls to support at least three buyers in a single market.

Once you have decided on a vertical, it’s time to find out if there is a big enough opportunity in your target market.

Use Google to Research Local Opportunities

Using Google can find the essential information you need to know about your vertical, target market, buyers and callers before you get started.

If you’re wondering if you picked the right local vertical, ask yourself these questions:

– Are there enough callers? – You will need to have enough potential callers in your target market to send to your buyers. Without callers, you have nothing to offer your buyers.

– Are there enough buyers? – You need to have enough buyers in your target market to support your call marketing efforts. Without buyers, you have nowhere to send your callers.

– Will you have competition for traffic? – When you’re buying traffic, you want to avoid competition whenever possible. This leads to cheaper clicks, better conversion and more calls to send your buyers.

You’ll notice that Google does a fantastic job at showing you all the local businesses in your marketing and provides all the information you need to begin reaching out and sell your Pay Per Call services.

Compile a list of all the businesses you want to work with and start cold calling. It’s as simple as that!

If you want to learn more about how to run a pay per call business, make sure you enroll in Ringba’s free Pay Per Call Masterclass to learn everything you need to know about the pay per call industry.

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