How to Optimize Your Pay Per Call Routing (Part 1)


How to Optimize Your Pay Per Call Routing (Part 1)

Optimize your Pay Per Call routing by using SIP routing, rerouting unanswered calls and busy buyers, managing hours of operation and monetizing your duplicate calls.

Use SIP Routing

SIP Routing means using Voice over IP instead of a traditional Phone Number to connect directly to your buyer’s contact center software. This results in faster connection times, better voice quality, plus the ability to seamlessly pass data in the SIP header, which all result in better conversion rates for your calls.

If your buyers have the capability to accept calls via SIP, you should absolutely take advantage of this optimization tactic to get better results.

Reroute Non Answered Calls and Busy Buyers

Handling busy buyers and non-answered calls are a breeze when you’re using your own call tracking software like Ringba. If your buyer does not answer the phone or the call is busy, Ringba will automatically re-route the phone call to another buyer as many times as it takes to make sure the call is connected. Unfortunately, if you’re a media buyer or a publisher relying on a network’s tracking, you’re out of luck.

Rerouting these types of calls in real-time is essential to eliminating wasted ad spend, improving conversion rates, and maximizing the value of every call you generate.

Manage Hours of Operation

Routing calls based on Hours of Operation is really simple but you’d be surprised how often it’s overlooked, and when something is overlooked in a pay per call campaign, that’s when money starts going down the drain.

When configuring your routing plans and setting up your buyer’s targets, make sure that you include their Hours of Operation, including lunchtime and breaks! Sending calls to a contact center when everyone is away from their desk eating lunch means that your calls will get dropped or go to voicemail and that also means you, more than likely, will not be paid for the call.

The good news is that it’s really easy to manage! Simply request the hours of operation from your buyer and adjust your routing plans then target accordingly.

Monetize Your Duplicate Calls

In most cases, buyers will NOT pay you for duplicate calls which means you are leaving lots of money on the floor by not remonetizing your duplicate calls and routing them to a new buyer.

If you’re working with a network, they’re most likely going to sell their duplicate calls to multiple parties on the back end, but they are only going to pay you once per caller. This is how a network maximizes their profits.

However, by using your own call tracking, like Ringba, you can essentially take away the ability for a broker or a network to actually make money with duplicate call routing on your dime. You can take that margin away from them without them having any idea that you’re doing it. That’s a really good thing, because it gives you control over your profitability.



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