How to use Call Tracking with Real World Advertising


How to use Call Tracking with Real World Advertising

Stop spending money on marketing campaigns that aren’t working. Find out which campaigns give your business the best ROI with call tracking software like Ringba.

When I say “Real-World Advertising” I mean billboards, radio ads, television commercials, and direct mailers. Believe it or not these forms of advertising are highly effective and companies all over the world still rely on them for a significant portion of their advertising budget.

Unfortunately most companies just dive in and start spending without understanding how they’re going to know which of their marketing campaigns are actually effective at driving new business.

That is why if you’re going to be advertising through offline channels you need to make sure you’re using call tracking to understand where your customers are coming from.

Call Tracking for real world advertising is easy. You simply segment your placements by channel, billboard, demographic group, or market, and issue each individual segment its own unique phone number. After the campaign runs its course, you’ll know exactly where your callers and new customers came from so you can optimize your future advertising buys.

Be sure to talk to your Ringba representative about how to best optimize your real world campaigns, and how you can take advantage of our portfolio of true 800 numbers to improve your results.

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