HyperTarget Marketing Taps Into the Real-Time Call Bidding Ecosystem


HyperTarget Marketing Taps Into the Real-Time Call Bidding Ecosystem

Pay Per Call Network uses Ringba’s real-time bidding ping tree to significantly bolster their earnings per call.

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Founded in 2009 and based in Santa Monica, California, HyperTarget Marketing is a lead generation and call marketing company that specializes in customer acquisition. As one of the original pioneers of the Pay Per Call model, they have established themselves as a leading Pay Per Call Network and one of the most recognizable brands in the space.

“Our goal is to provide as much value as we can to our publishers and have something truly unique for our advertisers,” says Eric Evans, Founder and CEO. With an unwavering dedication to quality and an exceptional level of commitment to their partners, it’s not surprising that HyperTarget Marketing is so highly regarded.

Technology has always been a core part of HyperTarget’s business model and their team prides themselves on always being at the forefront of any major industry change. This commitment to innovation has helped them rapidly grow while passing on additional value to their clients.


After extensive discussion and research, HyperTarget’s team concluded that their current technology platform was unable to provide them with the cutting edge tools they needed to continue to grow their business.

“We know that the industry is trending in the direction of programmatic calls.” said Blake Elliot, Director of Sales and Operations for HyperTarget. “We realized that this is something we need to do if we want to stay relevant. We need to be able to offer our affiliates the ability to receive dynamic payouts and connect with all these real-time call buyer feeds.”

Programmatic call marketplaces rule the Pay Per Call space with more buyer capacity than any other type of player. To integrate with these marketplaces requires a platform that can handle the unique nuances of real time bidding without disrupting the customer experience.


Understanding the potential impact that real-time bidding could make on their bottom line, HyperTarget implemented Ringba’s industry first Ping Tree technology to gain a competitive advantage, expand their buyer coverage, and significantly bolster their earnings per call.

“We weren’t really sure what the requirements would be to set it up or how difficult to implement it would be. But we knew that other systems that we are currently using don’t have that capability,” says Elliot. “Ringba is clearly the most advanced solutions provider on the market for Pay Per Call.”

HyperTarget’s first step was to pair their legacy static campaigns with programmatic call buyers utilizing Ringba’s revolutionary Ping Tree technology. “Ringba has everything laid out so simply. We were able to get everything up and running in a few days,” says Elliot. “Ringba works exactly how we need it to work.”

Ringba’s dedicated support team was able to help HyperTarget quickly integrate with their new call buyers and advised their team on best practices, workflow optimization, and how to maximize their earnings per call.

Tapping into the Real-Time Call Buying Ecosystem

As the world’s largest call buyers shift their focus towards exclusively leveraging programmatic call buying technology, HyperTarget is able to be on the forefront of the market by utilizing Ringba’s call trading platform.

“I love that Ringba is really pushing the Pay Per Call and performance marketing sectors forward, while addressing all the issues that companies like ours are facing so quickly,” says Elliot. “Utilizing Ringba’s Ping Tree technology is like adding 20 or 30 diff erent advertisers to your platform instantaneously. It’s like a flip of a lightswitch,” he says, “that’s a game-changer.’’

By integrating into real-time bidding call marketplaces, HyperTarget enjoys the immediate benefit of third party business development without the headaches of contract management or chasing receivables.

“Ringba makes it a lot easier to run a profitable campaign because our coverage goes through the roof. We tap into one feed and suddenly we have access to every client that feed offers. Not only do we now have access to new buyers, but now our affiliates do as well.” he says. “Maybe the payouts will be different but we’ve got the coverage. We can keep our offers running longer and give our affiliates the best chance for highest earnings per call possible.


Ringba’s mission is to build the Pay Per Call industry’s most advanced technology, and to help our clients achieve a greater earnings per call than any of our competitors. To accomplish our mission it is imperative that we listen to our clients, always be open to feedback, and constantly improve our product. This is why our support team is exclusively made up of software developers and product engineers capable of translating our client’s challenges into actionable solutions.

“I love that the Ringba team is open to feedback and that they are actually using it to make their system better and their clients happier. If I had a question or ran into any issues, the Ringba team was a chat message away and within minutes, we were working on a solution together or I was learning something new. It’s pretty amazing to have that level of support.”

HyperTarget Gains a Substantial Increase in Earnings Per Call

After integrating with multiple programmatic marketplaces, HyperTarget now compares bids from hundreds of call buyers in real-time, including their direct partners, and automatically routes their calls where they receive the highest payout.

This has been a huge win for their internal media buying team due to the drastically increased coverage and increased percentage of monetized calls.

“Ringba allows us to decrease the amount of calls that would have been hung up on in the past just by being able to add the additional coverage,” says Elliot. “For the campaigns we’re running with Ringba, the ability to seamlessly tap into that entire ecosystem of call buyers has increased our Earnings Per Call across the board.”


HyperTarget aims to expand their use of Ringba’s call trading technology and intends to further their dominant role in the Pay Per Call space. “At the end of the day, we want to be as profitable as possible and that means we need the best tools at our disposal to make it happen,” says Elliot.

“Ringba makes it really easy to get set up. There are no long-term contracts or setup fees and you only pay for what you use. There’s really nothing to lose by testing it out and giving it a shot. It could very well change the future of your business,” Elliot says, “Plus you have access to a great support team that is always there to help and guide you through the process — no matter what volume you’re doing or how many minutes you’re racking up.”

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