Importance of Call Tracking for TV Commercials


Importance of Call Tracking for TV Commercials

No matter what kind of advertising campaign you are running: if your end goal is to generate a phone call: you absolutely – positively – MUST be tracking your calls. And with offline marketing like Television Advertising, this is even more important. TV Advertising is notorious for being one of the most difficult channels for marketers to measure but in recent years, with the evolution of call tracking technology like Ringba, it’s becoming increasingly easier.

Attribute Phone Calls to TV Commercials

Call tracking makes it easier to attribute conversions for specific tv commercials and get performance insights that were previously unobtainable to advertisers running TV campaigns. Ringba automatically provides a wealth of caller data and information to help you run your campaigns more effectively.

As your TV campaigns run, Ringba will list callers driven by each campaign, providing you with important data insights so you can see the complete picture for how your commercial is performing and ways you can improve your marketing strategies.

Determine ROAS (return on advertising spend)

Combining Ringba’s call tracking software with your TV ad campaigns will finally give you the ability to calculate your Return on Advertising Spend. ROAS is a marketing metric that measures the amount of revenue your business earns for each dollar it spends on advertising. It is calculated by taking the total value of a conversion and dividing it by your advertising costs.

Conversion Value / Cost = ROAS

With call tracking software, you can accurately track your calls, conversions, revenue, and more to specific ad spots and measure the performance of your TV commercials.

TV Advertising Attribution and Beyond

Call tracking creates a vital data map connecting your offline sales with your marketing efforts because you’ll have full performance data to see how to better optimize your ad campaigns as well as how many leads each ad generates. This will help you implement a marketing attribution model for driving conversions and revenue in your TV ad campaigns.

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