Health Insurance Agency Drastically Improves Conversion Rates


Health Insurance Agency Drastically Improves Conversion Rates

Using Ringba’s intelligent call routing, MyHealthAngel realizes an 80% increase in monetized calls.

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Based in Delray Beach, Florida, MyHealthAngel is a performance marketing agency dedicated to connecting seniors with health and wellness resources. Laser focused on customer acquisition and maximizing customer lifetime value, MyHealthAngel is about building trust, offering world-class services, and retaining strong business relationships.

The MyHealthAngel team has decades of combined experience in performance marketing, as well as selling products like diabetic and medical supplies directly to senior citizens in the United States. As MyHealthAngel’s business evolved, they capitalized on their experience to create products and services specifically designed to appeal to their senior audience.

“What we learned is that most companies don’t know how to make their phones ring, and they don’t know how to deal with seniors,” says David Stein, Chief Operating Officer of MyHealthAngel. “Because of this we morphed into a single entity that operates like a performance marketing agency, but is specifically focused on helping seniors.”


MyHealthAngel had been using an older call tracking platform simply because at the time the platform was the biggest player in the industry. As MyHealthAngel’s business evolved, however, their call tracking platform did not, and hence slowing their growth.

“Clunky and cumbersome is how I would describe it,” says Stein. “And their support was bad,” added Michael George, Chief Technology Officer of MyHealthAngel.

After not getting the support or technology that the MyHealthAngel team needed to take their business into the future, the team realized it was time for a change.

“We looked at numerous call tracking companies and developed a list of 40 questions for the platforms to answer,” says George. “Ringba was the obvious choice.”

MyHealthAngel needed a solution that would allow them to more intelligently route and monetize their calls while also giving them the flexibility to experiment and come up with new ways to engage with their customers.


Intelligent Call Routing

The Ringba team worked with MyHealthAngel to review their entire setup from start to finish, taking into account all of their detailed campaign requirements including; source tracking, buyer call center capacity, and hours of operation. Ringba and MyHealthAngel considered which buyers were most likely going to result in the highest yield on a per call basis.

“We run direct mail campaigns where we send out a postcard to seniors with a phone number on it. Through that one phone number we want to filter and distribute that call to various buyers across different mediums, all based on caller demographics,” says Stein. “We might have three buyers that sell health insurance, we might have two buyers that do final expense insurance, and we might have three buyers that do medical alert products. Each buyer has different hours of operation, different capacity at different times during the day, and each buyer monetizes calls differently.”

Ringba’s support engineers designed and implemented new call routing plans to better monetize calls that included all of MyHealthAngel’s requirements, and other Ringba feature sets like real-time rerouting of unanswered calls.

“We needed the ability to intelligently route and manage our calls,” says Stein. “With Ringba, we can manage our capacity and ensure that every call we generate is profitable. Ringba helps us maximize the monetization of all our calls.”

MyHealthAngel’s team regularly communicated with Ringba’s team during their initial setup and onboarding to ensure they had the training and knowledge needed to take their business to the next level. Collaborating closely with clients allows the Ringba team to apply expert level industry and platform knowledge to client’s business models.

“The biggest difference I’ve noticed between Ringba and other competitors is that Ringba has clearly made it a point to take support seriously. Response time is fantastic,” says George. “Within a few minutes they’re working on it, they work the problem to its conclusion, and I always get a follow-up explaining what happened, what’s changed, and how to move forward. I never get the feeling that I’m talking to a junior level customer support rep. It’s very clear that everyone on their team are experienced engineers.”


80% Increase in Monetized Calls

By working with the Ringba team to completely re-optimize their call routing, MyHealthAngel was able to achieve a significantly higher conversion rate, which resulted in a meaningful improvement to top line revenue.

“We’re monetizing 80% more calls with Ringba than we were with our previous call tracking platform. For example, out of 100 calls we used to monetize 50 to 60%.

With Ringba we’re monetizing 90 to 100%,” says Stein. “We’ve been able to monetize call traffic like never before. I’m a fan. I’m a believer.”

“Ringba allows us to be more robust with our call routing, tracking, and monetization of our call traffic,” says Stein. “The platform gives us the flexibility and tools we need to intelligently route our call traffic, eliminate waste, and be more profitable.”

Peace of Mind

Having the confidence in your partners to be there for you in times of need is priceless. Especially true in a rapidly evolving ecosystem like performance marketing, where market conditions change constantly, and fierce competition pushes companies to reinvent their strategies and tactics on a daily basis. Ringba provides all of their clients direct access to a dedicated support engineering team available to help with absolutely anything.

“Before Ringba we were aggravated and frustrated every time we had to interact with our previous platfom’s support team. Now that we have Ringba, everything is smooth sailing,” says George. “If I was designing a SaaS company, this is exactly how I would want my support team to function. The Ringba team is willing to be partners in our success. They are willing to go above and beyond their usual product offering to help us get the results we need.”

“Ringba understands that we’re actually running a business here. We’re not just an invoice for them,” says Stein. “The Ringba team is very receptive and open to finding ways to help us use the software to run our business better.”


MyHealthAngel plans to continue their focus on the senior market by providing innovative new products and services to their customers. Leveraging new advances in Ringba’s call routing technology and continuing to develop honest relationships with consumers, MyHealthAngel looks forward to growing their business and a prosperous future.

“If you’re hesitant about switching because you think it’s going to be hard or a big endeavour, it’s quite the opposite. We were literally up and running within a day,” says Stein. “The Ringba team ported all of our campaigns and buyers from our old call tracking platform. True white-glove service.”

“The proof’s in the pudding. The system is rock solid and the pricing is competitive, especially without having to sign a long-term contract.” says George. “But the Ringba support team is truly the differentiator for us. Their support team will win you over on the service. Try it out!”

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