Pay Per Call for Independent Insurance Agents



Create campaigns that generate calls with the call tracking insights you need from Ringba. Here’s how Pay Per Call Campaigns benefit Independent Insurance Agents.

Pay Per Call campaigns are the best way for Independent insurance agents to find new customers. This is because they are licensed by a specific state, providing coverage and plans to people in a specific city, county, or wider area. Pay Per Call campaigns whether they are advertisements on mobile devices, SEO, and even traditional ad flyers can be used to generate calls from targeted areas that result in high quality phone leads for your business.

SEO and CTA go hand-in-hand to drive inbound calls

Making sure you have the correct keywords and call to action are crucial for your success as an independent insurance agent. If potential clients find your website but there’s no call to action then it may result in a wasted page visit. Now, let’s say you have all of the right keywords and call to action, how do you know who those customers are or whether they used your website to find you? It’s simple, call tracking. With Ringba’s call tracking software you have access to all of the data you need to run a successful SEO and CTA campaign.

Scheduling Your Ads

What are your business hours? That’s when you want to run ads. When people need a service and see your ad, they’ll want to pick up the phone to get that service right away. If you leave that potential customer hanging, they may find an alternative. Also, don’t forget to look into the peak call days and times people would want to call your business the most.

Location Targeting

Don’t waste your advertising budget targeting anyone outside of your licensing area. It’s a waste of your advertising budget and of both the caller and your time. When you get quality leads for your licensed area, the better off your business is. Focus on your demographics and know your callers insights with call tracking.

Call Tracking = Success

Make sure your marketing dollars are going toward campaigns that increase conversions. The best way to do this is with call tracking. No one wants a negative ROI. Knowing the total number of calls, quality of those calls and number of closed calls will help you create a campaign sure for success.

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