Pay Per Call Routing Explained (Part 1)


Pay Per Call Routing Explained (Part 1)

There are several ways to easily and seamlessly automatically route calls with Ringba to maximize your marketing campaigns.

Geographic Routing

Geographic routing simply means routing phone calls by the geographic location of the caller. It doesn’t necessarily matter where a call center is. For example, the call center could be located in Texas but is licensed to do mortgages in Massachusetts. It doesn’t necessarily matter where the call center is, what matters in campaigns that are geo-routed, is where the caller is calling from.

Demographic Routing

This can apply to anything. It can be rich people, poor people. It can be people that work in different job types. It can be people of different age groups. It can be people who like different things. Demographics can be a really wide assortment of qualification criteria. Understand how to route by demographic information and figure out which buyers are willing to pay more for certain demographics.

IVR Selection / Qualification Routing

IVRs can be used for a lot of really cool things. Ringba has some incredible IVR features built into our drag and drop interface. You can create an extremely complicated IVR in just a matter of a few seconds with Ringba. If you want to take your campaigns overseas, or you really want to make these things fast without going out and doing a bunch of professional recordings, which take time, our system’s super flexible and allows you to do that.

What you can do with Ringba is you can automatically dial the selections in your buyer’s IVR so that the users don’t hear them. Then what happens is they come in, they listen to your IVR, they press one because they have more than $10,000 in credit card debt. Ringba automatically connects the call to buyer one, automatically makes the IVR selections that you tell it to, and then the consumer is connected without that IVR giving you the higher conversion rate because the consumer did not go through multiple IVR trees.


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