Building an Insurance Pay Per Call Program from Start to Finish


Building an Insurance Pay Per Call Program from Start to Finish

Consumer acquisition marketplace expands their offering into new verticals to drastically increase their monthly revenues.

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Rate Marketplace is a platform that specializes in connecting consumers with mortgage, insurance, and home services providers. By providing consumers with easy to digest financial information, Rate Marketplace helps clients make the best possible decisions for their current situation.

With a customer acquisition engine driving high quality users to their premiere network of nationwide partners, Rate Marketplace is able to leverage their performance-based marketing model into competitive payouts for publishers.

“We’ve been maniacally focused on the mortgage vertical and it’s been our initiative to break out into more verticals, particularly the insurance and home services industries,’’ says Janet Meier, Vice President of Marketing.

After observing a dramatic shift in the industry towards pay per call and the high premium their partners placed on inbound calls, Meier was tasked with building and launching an entire insurance pay per call program from scratch.


Rate Marketplace had an ambitious plan to unify their entire customer journey with the goal of providing the absolute best experience for their callers, and ensuring rigorous compliance for their partners. To meet their goals, Rate Marketplace clearly needed a platform that could provide more than just simple call routing.

Without any previous experience working with inbound calls or insurance pay per call programs, Meier hit the ground running by exploring call tracking technology providers and learning everything she could.

“I went through the entire free 30 hour Pay Per Call Masterclass presented by Ringba’s Founder at,” says Meier. “I learned so much from this incredible resource where instead of learning by trial-and-error, I knew exactly what to look for, and pitfalls I should avoid before we routed a single call.”


Meier’s first move was to transition Rate Marketplace off of their legacy call tracking platform. Due to their aggressive timeline, they needed immediate assistance with migration and training.

“When it comes to getting setup or sorting out integrations, Ringba’s Support Team is amazing,” says Meier. “The platform is really user-friendly and I love that the team is always willing to iterate and take our feedback into consideration when building out new features.”

Real-Time Reporting and Quality Feedback Loop

Quality is paramount for the Rate Marketplace team. They needed to institute a complete quality assurance program with oversight over all of their marketing channels and call center partners.

“We listen to our calls, tag them, and are able to view the analytics and metrics based on events in reporting,” says Meier. “With those insights, we’ve been able to give a lot of feedback to our call center on scripting, consumer flow, and caller experience.”

Once Rate Marketplace had implemented their quality assurance process, they wanted more real-time visibility into what was happening in their call centers. The Ringba support team helped them directly integrate their call center partners through our webhook functionality.

“With Ringba’s webhook features, we’re able to track all sorts of metrics from our call center partners in real-time,” says Meier. “When a call center transfers the call out to a client, they fire a pixel back to us and it gives us visibility into call conversion rates, revenue, and channels that are producing the best results.”

Optimizing Call Flows and Monetizing Every Inbound Call

Utilizing Ringba’s real-time routing capabilities, Rate Marketplace was able to optimize their call flow for pure performance, while lowering their cost of acquisition and driving up revenue per call.

Ringba monitors for changes in call flow conditions and automatically reroutes calls to diff erent call centers depending on concurrency, availability, connection times, or other real-time scenarios.

“If a call center is busy or they’re not picking up the phone in a timely fashion, we can automatically reroute the call to the next available buyer which is huge because we’re not losing or dropping calls,” says Meier. “It’s a massive opportunity cost if you do.”

“Breaking into an entirely new vertical like insurance or launching an entirely new traffic channel like pay per call can seem daunting,” says Meier, “but the Ringba team makes it super practical, functional, and easy to hit the ground running without a ton of implementation or background knowledge.”


From Zero to Six Figures of Monthly Revenue

The Rate Marketplace team is not only exceptional at what they do, but they are inquisitive and curious. They took the time to communicate with our team to absorb as much expertise as possible in every area that was critical to their success. The results speak for themselves.

“Having this level of client services in technology or software is unheard of. With Ringba, you get a team of consultants and partners as well as a platform,” says Meier. “Ringba truly makes it possible to kick off and launch an entire pay per call program from scratch-to-success in a short amount of time. I just plugged-and-played with what Ringba told me to do and was able to get it going. In just a few months, we were doing six figures in monthly revenue.”

200% Month-over-Month Revenue Growth

Ringba’s business development team has been given a mission to connect clients to create new business opportunities, and our marketing team is responsible for managing the world’s largest digital community of pay per call professionals. These initiatives allow our clients to quickly find new trusted partners to grow their businesses.

“Through the help of some introductions via Ringba’s communities and groups, we started working with some affiliate partners to drive more traffic. Those connections helped us more than double our revenue month-over-month,” says Meier. “The Ringba Team has been so great about giving us feedback and digging into where we are in the moment and helping my team get to the next level.”


Janet and the Rate Marketplace team look forward to continued success and growth in the insurance space. They are excited about further expanding into other complimentary verticals and investing into their pay per call program.

“Ringba makes us look like rockstars because our team can now do things that weren’t possible before,” says Meier. “Without Ringba, we wouldn’t be working in the insurance vertical.”

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