Ringba Product Training: Dial IVR


Ringba Product Training: Dial IVR

IVR’s can be conversion killers for any Call Campaign. At Ringba, we use software and DTMF tones to bypass unnecessary IVR’s without the customer ever hearing us do so.

In this video, we’ll explain Ringba’s Dial IVR with Business Development Manager, Shane Hitchcock.

“Shane, how does Ringba’s DIAL IVR Feature increase campaign optimization?”

DTMF (Dual-Tone Multi Frequency) are tones that use specific frequencies for each number on a telephone. When you call an IVR (Interactive Voice Response) that asks a specific question such as “please press one if you want to speak with sales or press two if you want to talk to customer service” they distinguish your response through the use of DTMF tones. ONE is a different frequency than TWO and so on. Within Ringba you can use this feature to do something simple like “press one” for the caller or even insert tags like zip codes dynamically.

-Shane Hitchcock, Ringba Business Development Manager

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