Ringba Product Training: Instant Caller Profile


Ringba Product Training: Instant Caller Profile

Call tracking software can be complicated, but Ringba makes it simple. The Ringba team is here to explain what products are offered and how they work.

In the video below, we’ll explain Ringba’s Instant Caller Profile with Sales Director, Sean Hitchcock.

“Sean, What is Ringba’s Instant Caller Profile, and how it improves performance marketing campaigns?”

“ICP or Instant Caller Profile is a data append service that allows you to add consumer data to a phone call in real time from the caller ID. The data can include up to 150 data points that can be used to make routing decisions, bypass IVRs and be passed along to your buyers. All of which can vastly increase the consumer experience while increasing the chances that call converts.”

-Sean Hitchcock, Ringba Sales Director

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