Ringba Product Training: Number Blocking


Ringba Product Training: Number Blocking

Call tracking software can be complicated, but Ringba makes it simple. The Ringba team is here to explain what products are offered and how they work.

In this video, we’ll explain Ringba’s number blocking with Business Development Manager, Mathjis Mesters.

“Mathjis, what is Ringba’s number blocking and how does it work?”

Ringba’s number blocking is a pretty cool tool that can actually be used in a number of different ways- whether you want to just block one number, or a whole multitude or list of numbers as well. So, because there are a couple of ways to do it, I think it’s probably better to just hop in and do a screen share to show you how to do it, instead of just talking about it. 

Blocking numbers can be something that needs to be done immediately, which is why in Ringba we made it very easy to do. You can block numbers right from the reporting dashboard as soon as you notice an issue. Other options are to block specific area codes or entire bulk lists or numbers- uploading these lists is made easy in the UI. In case you need another option, you can always just hit our API number block endpoint to add a number to your list.

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