Ringba Product Training: Reporting and Insights


Ringba Product Training: Reporting and Insights

Call tracking software can be complicated, but Ringba makes it simple. The Ringba team is here to explain what products are offered and how they work.

In this video, we’ll explain Ringba’s reporting and insights with Sales Director, Sean Hitchcock.

“Sean, what make Ringba’s Reporting better than other call tracking competitors on the market, and how does it work?”

Ringba’s lightning fast reporting has been a point of emphasis over the last year. It was already fast but with reporting v2 you can pull massive amounts of data in seconds. Narrowing down this data is quick and easy by clicking and/or using filters. All columns are now customizable by user. Lastly, we created a macro level report called insights that is great for billing. For viewing data easily, Ringba has statistical graphs to help your business understand what’s working!

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