Ringba Product Training: Routing Calls to Dynamic Ring Tree Targets


Ringba Product Training: Routing Calls to Dynamic Ring Tree Targets

One of Ringba’s goals has always been to provide the industry’s most sophisticated call selling technology. Our Ring Tree technology is for companies that are selling calls, and more call sellers use Ringba for this feature than any other inbound call tracking software on the market.

In this video, we’ll explain Ringba’s Call Routing to Dynamic Ring Tree Targets with Business Development Manager, Mathjis Mesters.

“How does Ringba route calls to Dynamic Ring Tree Targets, and how does it improves performance marketing campaigns?”

Ring Tree technology is inherently technical, that is why Ringba employs an entire team of support engineers who help our customers via live chat, no support tickets or anything like that. This entire team is made up of developers and people that are way more intelligent than I am! With that said let me give you a high level, simplified explainer.

Ring Tree exists in two levels, first the Ring Tree Target, which is the actual destination, and then a Ring Tree, which is where one or more Ring Tree Targets are housed in a routing plan.

Lets cover the Ring Tree Targets first:
Setting up Ring Tree Targets is actually quite similar to a normal Target. You can set their hours, state filters, caps, concurrency etc. The only difference is that we are pinging your buyers URL endpoint with data. Your buyers should provide you with API documentation that you can just send to our support engineers in the live chat so they can set that part up for you and test it.

The second part is the Ring Tree:
For your call buyers that can dynamically bid on your calls, and are set up as Ring Tree Targets- you could place them in a Ring Tree. This way your dynamic buyers are pooled together and you can route the call to whoever returns this highest bid. I’d say that is the biggest takeaway from this video- the fact that you can ensure the call routes to the buyer that is willing to pay you the most for that call.

It is also important for me to mention that you can house Dynamic Ring Trees AND static targets in the same routing plan. This way, you can support sending calls to all of your buyers, whether or not they can place dynamic bids. The best of both worlds!

-Mathjis Mesters, Ringba Business Development Manager

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