Ringba Product Training: TCPA Shield


Ringba Product Training: TCPA Shield

Call tracking software can be complicated, but Ringba makes it simple. The Ringba team is here to explain what products are offered and how they work.

In this video, we’ll explain Ringba’s TCPA Shield with Business Development Manager, Mathjis Mesters.

“Mathjis, what is Ringba’s TCPA Shield product and how it helps protect companies from expensive lawsuits?”

Ringba did a lot of Market Research to see what TCPA products were out there and realized that nothing met exceptional performance standards. After much consultation with legal entities, law enforcement, and building out our own onshore TCPA research team- Ringba’s TCPA Shield product was born. Ringba’s TCPA Shield uses law enforcement grade databases and advanced skip tracing techniques to stay on top of settlement seekers and professional plaintiffs that attack companies with lawsuits and demand letters. We think it’s such an important thing for everyone to protect their business against these settlement seekers, that you don’t even need to be a Ringba customer to use TCPA Shield- ask Ringba Sales about our monthly pricing!

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