The Pay Per Call Report: April 2, 2021


The Pay Per Call Report: April 2, 2021

This week’s episode of Ringba’s “Pay Per Call Report” for April 2, 2021 featuring market data and industry insights provided by OfferVault.

Top Categories

Home Services has reclaimed the number one spot this week in a tight race against Legal. Insurance remains a strong contender in the number three position.

Health and Addiction have been performing well, taking the fourth and fifth positions.

Home Services
Health Insurance
Personal Insurance


Top Offers

With Home Services taking over the top categories this week, it should be no surprise to see a Long Distance Moving campaign from Millennium Professional Services in the number 1 position this week.

The Vivint Home Security Offer that has been leading our Top Offers for that past several weeks has dropped a few percentage points to the second position followed closely by Lead Smart’s legal offer for Car Accident Lawyers.

Lead Smart and Millennium Professional Services are tied on the toplist this week with 6 out of the top 20 offers each.

Long Distance Moving – Pay Per Call Millennium Professional Services
Vivint Home Security – $50 Gift Card Promo | Pay Per Call American Classified Services
Car Accident Lawyers Pay Per Call – 90 Seconds – Nationwide Lead Smart
Nationwide Drug & Alcohol Rehab – $600/ 6 Minute call – Pay Per Call AddictionCalls
Locksmith – Pay Per Call Millennium Professional Services
Auto Locksmith – Pay Per Call Millennium Professional Services
Personal Injury Lawyers Pay Per Call – 90 Seconds – Nationwide Lead Smart
Local Moving – Pay Per Call Millennium Professional Services
Garage Door Repair – Pay Per Call Millennium Professional Services
Health Insurance (U62) | Nationwide (US) | Pay Per Call **experience required** Basic Health Quotes
Addiction Treatment & Rehab | 24/7 | Nationwide **experience required** eLocal
Carpet Cleaning – Pay Per Call Millennium Professional Services
IRS Tax Debt Relief US US | Pay Per Call Exclusive Aragon Advertising
Trucking Accident Calls Nationwide | 24/7 (Weekly Payouts) NetFly
Bankruptcy Lawyers Pay Per Call – 90 Seconds – Nationwide Lead Smart
Plumbing Nationwide – Pay Per Call Lead Smart
Health Insurance | Nat’l (US) | Pay Per Call Basic Health Quotes
Workers Compensation Pay Per Call – 90 Seconds – Nationwide Lead Smart
Health Insurance (U65) | National (US) | Pay Per Call **experience required** Basic Health Quotes
DUI Lawyers Pay Per Call – 90 Seconds – Nationwide Lead Smart


Top Networks

Congratulations to Matthew Zivkovic and the Lead Smart team for dominating the most searched pay per call network top spot for six consecutive weeks.

Right as Aragon Advertising seemed to secure a firm hold on the second spot, HyperTarget Marketing exploded this week and has jumped several points to land on the Top Networks list for the first time, with Aragon Advertising falling out of the top five.

eLocal has claimed the third position this week, followed closely by Live Calls Network and Millennium Professional Services. The competition continues to be fierce with the difference being only a few percentage points.

4 out of the five top networks this week are Ringba customers.

Lead Smart
HyperTarget Marketing
Live Calls Network
Millennium Professional Services
Aragon Advertising
Digital Market Media
American Classified Services


Pay Per Call Trends

For more on the latest Pay Per Call Trends, we turn to our industry expert, Matthew Zivkovic, the CEO and Founder of Lead Smart.

We asked the question: “Matt, what do you see as being the biggest growth area in Pay Per Call and what traffic sources should people be looking at?”

“I believe the hottest areas are going to be essential services: HVAC, Car Insurance, Dentist. The greatest traffic sources right now would be ad words with Google, Microsoft ads, social media marketing specifically Facebook, Instagram and depending on if you’re doing B2B Linkedin, and of course, SEO, GMB Google listings. This seems to be were people are making the most money in Pay Per Call right now.” – Matthew Zivkovic, Lead Smart Founder/CEO


Pay Per Call Opportunities

Peak Advertising, a full service digital advertising agency that specialize in insurance marketing, is looking to buy inbound calls for Final Expense, Term Life, and Auto Insurance from qualified publishers. For more information on how to work with Peak Advertising, please reach out to your representative or for further details.

CallTrader is looking for an Account Executive and Account Manager to add to their rapidly expanding team. If you are interested in working with CallTrader, visit

Product Announcements

Permission based account manager functionality has now been added to your Ringba portal. Stay tuned as we continue rolling out some exciting new features for Account Based Permissions.

Login Security has been improved with a new Activity Log that tracks when users are accessing your Ringba account. To view the Activity Logs for your account click on the settings menu.

We recently published two new articles in the Ringba knowledge base that explain how to integrate your Ringba account with Zapier and Integromat using Ringba’s campaign tracking pixels. You can find them in the Integration section at or you can search for them from inside the Ringba dashboard by clicking the Support icon.


Thank you for watching this week’s episode of “The Pay Per Call Report” and a big thank you to our friends over at OfferVault for providing us with up to the minute market data and helping us analyze the top pay per call trends. Be sure to tune in every Friday afternoon and subscribe to our YouTube channel to stay on top of changes in the industry. If you are a Ringba customer and would like to be featured on the show, please contact your representative for more information.

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