The Pay Per Call Report: April 9, 2021


The Pay Per Call Report: April 9, 2021

This week’s episode of Ringba’s “Pay Per Call Report” for April 9, 2021 featuring market data and industry insights provided by OfferVault.

Top Categories

Home Services has remained the number one spot this week in a tight race against Legal. Insurance and Personal Insurance are in the third and fourth position this week. We foresee insurance campaigns gaining more steam in the weeks ahead.

Financial Services has jumped several points this past week to land on the top categories list for the first time in the fifth spot.

Home Services
Personal Insurance
Financial Services
Legal Services


Top Offers

A niche legal campaign for Trucking Accident Calls from NetFly has been leading the pack this week as the Vivint Home Security offer from American Classified Services follows closely behind in the second spot. Addiction Marketing Specialists trialed behind in the third position.

The Addiction and Rehab campaigns are huge this week taking the majority of the Top Offers with 5 out of the top 20 offers being addiction / rehab related. With high payouts, lots of restrictions and a niche audience, this vertical should be on every pay per caller’s radar of industries to investigate.

Trucking Accident Calls Nationwide | 24/7 (Weekly Payouts) NetFly
Vivint Home Security – $50 Gift Card Promo | Pay Per Call American Classified Services
Rehab Raw – 2 Minute Call Duration – Direct Advertiser (24/7, Nationwide, No IVR, Weekly Payouts) Addiction Marketing Specialists
IRS Tax Debt Relief US US | Pay Per Call Exclusive Aragon Advertising
Addiction Treatment & Rehab | 24/7 | Nationwide **experience required** eLocal
Divatrim KETO | Sale | Canada | 24/7 | Nationwide MarketCall
Debt Consolidation | Canada American Classified Services
Rehab-24/7 nationwide 30 seconnds Addiction Help Now
Rehab-24/7 nationwide 180 seconds Addiction Help Now
Tax Debt Relief – Inbounds – US (90 sec duration)
Home Warranty | Offshore Live Transfers | 120 sec MarketCall
Calls Cannabis PPC – (US) Envyus Media
Round Up Mass Tort PALO
Vivint Home Security US/CA CPA | Pay Per Call Aragon Advertising
Rehab – 3 Minute Call Duration – Direct Advertiser (24/7, Nationwide, No IVR) Addiction Marketing Specialists
Air Duct Cleaning – Pay Per Call – Revenue Share Lead Smart
Personal Injury / Motor Vehicle Accident PALO
Long Distance Moving – Pay Per Call Millennium Professional Services
Nationwide Drug & Alcohol Rehab – $600/ 6 Minute call – Pay Per Call AddictionCalls
Motor Vehicle Accident – MVA (Weekly Payouts) NetFly


Top Networks

After several consecutive weeks in the number one spot, Lead Smart has dropped to the second position with last week’s newcomer, HyperTarget Marketing, securing the top spot. It’s a tight race and we’re excited to see how this plays out in the next few weeks. 

Aragon Advertising and MarketCall have jumped several positions this week taking the third and fourth position, followed closely by eLocal. 

All five top networks this week are Ringba customers.

HyperTarget Marketing
Lead Smart
Aragon Advertising
Live Calls Network
American Classified Services
Digital Market Media


Pay Per Call Trends

For more market insights, we spoke to our industry expert, Fernando Mendez, the CEO and Founder of Assure Media.

What are some strategies for keeping costs down when running insurance campaigns on search, and what is the #1 most important lesson you’ve learned while running google pay per call ads?

At Assure Media we’re all about minimizing costs and maximizing ROAS for our clients. In order to keep costs down with Google paid search, we’ve learned the following: 

1) Using as many separate keyword variations as possible. The long tail is where you’ll find some less competitive variants that will not cost nearly as much as the main 5-10 keywords everyone else is bidding on, and 2) conversion rate optimization (would be landing page testing for ads directed to a landing page, but in our case we use call-only ads), so with call only ads you want to use the call length and call rate data to hone in on what is working best whether that be ad variants that generate the most calls (and best call durations) or keywords that lead to more frequent and better calls. Conversion rate optimization saves money and allows you to produce better results on the same ad spend. 

#1 most important lesson is probably to stay open-minded – the data frequently suggests things that are counter-intuitive so you can’t have your mind set on a singular idea or strategy that may work as that can change quickly; aside from good general principles. Therefore, adaptability and agility are important because what made sense one week or one day ago may not anymore so do not get complacent and when you can’t change the direction of the wind – adjust your sails. 

Also, the data will always show what’s really going on, but it can be interpreted lots of ways so you have to constantly re-evaluate all the possibilities it may suggest and try new things. Test, optimize, grow!

– Fernando Mendez, Assure Media

For the full clip, skip to 2:36​​ in the video.


Pay Per Call Opportunities

Call Drivers, a performance based marketing company that specializes in pay per call marketing for financial services, is looking for Final Expense buyers. For more information on how to work with Call Drivers, please reach out to your representative or  for further details.

Peak Advertising, a full service digital advertising agency that specialize in insurance marketing, is looking to buy inbound calls for Final Expense, Term Life, and Auto Insurance from qualified publishers. For more information on how to work with Peak Advertising, please reach out to your representative or for further details.

CallTrader is looking for an Account Executive and Account Manager to add to their rapidly expanding team. If you are interested in working with CallTrader, visit

News and Announcements

In industry news, the US Supreme Court has recently issued an opinion that will narrow their view of what constitutes an Automatic Telephone Dialing System under the TCPA. The court’s interpretation effectively limits that definition to only systems that target sequentially or randomly dialed numbers.

Under this new definition, companies are free to employ automated dialing systems that target thousands or even millions of consumers, so long as the database of numbers they use isn’t sequentially or randomly generated. We expect this outcome to result in a massive increase in volume for outbound calls via SMS.

Furthermore, our team predicts that warm transfers generated by SMS will begin to explode across all available verticals.



Thank you for watching this week’s episode of “The Pay Per Call Report” and a big thank you to our friends over at OfferVault for providing us with up to the minute market data and helping us analyze the top pay per call trends. Be sure to tune in every Friday afternoon and subscribe to our YouTube channel to stay on top of changes in the industry. If you are a Ringba customer and would like to be featured on the show, please contact your representative for more information.

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