The Pay Per Call Report: June 18, 2021


The Pay Per Call Report: June 18, 2021

This week’s episode of Ringba’s “Pay Per Call Report” for June 18, 2021 featuring market data and industry insights provided by OfferVault.

Top Categories

Home Services outranks the rest of the top categories list once again. This is their tenth consecutive week maintaining the number one spot. Legal remains holds the second position, and Insurance falls away from the top two positions in the third spot. Personal Insurance holds strong in the fourth spot over Financial Services which claimed the fifth position.

Home Services
Personal Insurance
Financial Services
Legal Services
Solar Panels


Top Offers

This week was another battle for the top spot on our top offers list, and this week Lead Smart outranked Netfly for the number one spot. Aragon Advertising remains in the third position, and Addiction Marketing Specialists holds the fourth spot. Netfly follows closely behind in the fifth spot with its motor vehicle accident campaign.

Campaigns involving Motor Vehicle Accidents and Addiction Treatment dominated the top offers list this week. This is a vertical every Pay Per Caller should look into.

Solar Panels – Pay Per Call – Revenue Share Lead Smart
Trucking Accident Calls Nationwide | 24/7 (Weekly Payouts) NetFly
IRS Tax Debt Relief US US | Pay Per Call Exclusive Aragon Advertising
Rehab Raw – 2 Minute Call Duration – Direct Advertiser (24/7, Nationwide, No IVR, Weekly Payouts) Addiction Marketing Specialists
Motor Vehicle Accident – MVA (Weekly Payouts) NetFly
Nationwide Drug & Alcohol Rehab – $600/ 6 Minute call – Pay Per Call AddictionCalls
Addiction Treatment & Rehab | 24/7 | Nationwide **experience required** eLocal
Adoption Pay Per Call Digital Market Media
Rehab-24/7 nationwide 180 seconds Addiction Help Now
Personal Injury / Motor Vehicle Accident PALO
Car Accident Lawyers | 24/7 | Nationwide **experience required** eLocal
Long Distance Moving – Pay Per Call Millennium Professional Services
Credit repair | Inbounds | SALE | PRE-APPROVAL MarketCall
Water Damage – Pay Per Call (US) 33 Mile Radius
Mass Tort – RoundUp Pay Per Call (120 Seconds) Live Calls Network
Tax Debt Relief – Inbounds – US (90 sec duration)
Personal Injury/Auto Accident / MVA California Leads Live Calls Network
Water Damage | Flood Damage | 24/7 | Nationwide **experience required** eLocal
PPCall: Solar – Duration Offer – Multiple States – 24/7 BrokerCalls
Foreclosure Defense – US


Top Networks

HyperTarget Marketing claims the number one spot again this week on the top networks list. Lead Smart holds the second position, while Marketcall overtakes Aragon Advertising for the third spot. Digital Market Media jumps up onto the top networks list to claim the fifth position.

This week, 4 of the top 5 pay per call networks are Ringba customers.

HyperTarget Marketing
Lead Smart
Aragon Advertising
Digital Market Media
Live Calls Network
Astoria Company
American Classified Services


Pay Per Call Trends

For more market insights, we turn to Mathijs Mesters, Business Development Manager here at Ringba.

“Why is it so beneficial for warm transfer center publishers to utilize call tracking to run their pay per call business?”

It is crucial for warm transfer centers to use call tracking to manage their pay per call business due to at least a few main capabilities that they gain by doing so.

Call Control – “One that comes to mind immediately, especially if the transfer center pub has many buyers, is the control they gain over their call flow. A system like Ringba allows you to prioritize your buyers however you see fit, and choose how you distribute your call volume among those buyers. This is a big money maker for clients, and also prevents them from wasting calls.”

Data- “Another critical piece of the puzzle is putting all of that valuable consumer data your transfer agents obtain, to work. By passing data into Ringba, you can then use the data as effective tag filters, to make routing decisions that you were not able to do previously. And, if your buyer wants data along with their call, that is no problem either. If your buyer wants to verify TCPA compliance, that’s easy, you’ll be able to send them that TrustedForm or Jornaya data in real time.”

Reporting- “Reporting is another item that is incredibly important. Your dialer or call center system that you have your agents plugged into is going to have a simple dashboard of course, but nothing that is linked to the actual performance of your calls. One example would be agent level performance- by passing in the agent name, you can run reports in Ringba so see what conversion rates are for calls that individual agents transferred to your clients. You can easily drill down into any specific campaign and run all types of tag data based reports. The attribution also helps you see what purchased data is working well for your agents and business.”

Partner Management – “Another one I see is when Transfer Centers scale and then require partners to fill in volume gaps for their clients. Using call tracking with Ringba, they can easily onboard other publishers to help with volume, and provide their partners publisher logins and have everything under one roof.”

In conclusion, between gaining control of calls to prevent losses and maximize connections, making data based routing decisions, and having the reporting to analyze your business effort — having call tracking in place as a growing warm transfer center is absolutely essential to your long-term success.

– Mathijs Mesters, Ringba

For the full clip, skip to 2:40 in the video.

Pay Per Call Opportunities

Inbound Media Group is an inbound digital marketing agency with core services including, pay per call, search, content creation, lead generation, social media marketing, and conversion optimization. They’re looking for more buyers in Insurance (medicare, FE, auto, u65, life), home services, and legal. If you’re interested, please reach out to your representative or for further details.

Pay Per Call Careers

Ringba is looking for more sales people to join our amazing team. No industry experience or college degree required, just a positive attitude, a desire to learn, and the willingness to put clients first at all times. Our sales people can make unlimited commissions, travel the world, and have the freedom to work from anywhere they want. Interested? Email to learn more.

Thank you for watching this week’s episode of “The Pay Per Call Report” and a big thank you to our friends over at OfferVault for providing us with up to the minute market data and helping us analyze the top pay per call trends. Be sure to tune in every Friday afternoon and subscribe to our YouTube channel to stay on top of changes in the industry. If you are a Ringba customer and would like to be featured on the show, please contact your representative for more information.

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