Top 3 Reasons Companies are Switching to Ringba


Top 3 Reasons Companies are Switching to Ringba

More companies than ever are using Ringba to track all of their inbound call marketing campaigns. What makes Ringba different from all of the other platforms out there? In this video, we’ll go over the top 3 reasons why companies are switching to Ringba:

Best-in-Class Customer Support

The number one reason people switch to Ringba? Our customer service. We’re responsive, receptive to feedback, and are always here to help. When you speak, we listen and iterate quickly to build the features that will help you grow your business.

We listen to feedback and make decisions based on what our clients actually need to be more successful. We are humble enough to know that we’re not going to come up with every idea and to listen when our customers give us feedback so we can continue to improve our platform in every way possible.

Customer support tickets were supposed to make customer service better, faster, and more efficient…

They didn’t.

That’s precisely why we don’t use them at Ringba. When you need help, you need it fast. Not only that, but your solution needs to come from someone that truly cares about your success and actually knows what they are doing.

When you reach out to our team, you won’t be waiting around for hours on end to receive a response and it won’t be from someone who doesn’t understand your business.

At Ringba, our average first response time for customer support is less than 7 minutes and 100% of our customer support team are experienced developers and software engineers.

It should be a serious red flag if you find yourself waiting for days or weeks, for a response to a question from your technology provider. If their support team isn’t responsive, they probably won’t be very helpful when something goes wrong and calls start dropping for no reason.

Usage-Based and Pay-As-You-Grow Pricing

At Ringba, we don’t do contracts, setup fees, support fees, bundled minutes or overage fees and we believe in fair pricing.

Unlike other platforms, Ringba will never punish you for your success. We treat our clients like partners and never want to put our customers in a position that we wouldn’t want to be ourselves.

Built for Performance Marketers

From the very beginning, we’ve structured our company to accommodate performance marketers in a way that is fundamentally unique from our competitors.

The Pay Per Call space is growing rapidly. Ringba is proud to run the world’s largest community of Pay Per Call professionals and can help you recruit affiliates and connect with reputable call buyers.

To learn more about why the leading pay per call companies are switching to Ringba, visit our website to check out some of our Case Studies on the Ringba blog or book a demo to talk to a Ringba account manager!

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