Starting a Pay Per Call Agency from the Ground Up


Starting a Pay Per Call Agency from the Ground Up

WeCall Media harnesses the power of Ringba to boost conversion rates and maximize pay per call return on investment.

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WeCall Media is a pay per call advertising agency that delivers highly qualified customers to national brands, SMBs, and local businesses across a wide range of verticals. With an extensive background in digital advertising and ecommerce, pay per call was a natural next step that could not have gone any better for WeCall Media.

“We were looking to start something new that catered to our experience and expertise, and the pay per call business model got us excited,” says Dave Mamane, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of WeCall Media.

WeCall Media’s commitment to adding real value by maximizing conversion rates and ROI for their clients has propelled them to the heights they have already reached in a little over 12 months of operation. “We were successful right out of the gate. I couldn’t believe it,” says Mamane, “Pay per call is the most effective web marketing method in use today. Our entire purpose is to leverage the full power of this lead generation tool to send highly targeted traffic to our clients”.

With the help of Ringba, that is precisely what WeCall Media is doing.


Building a pay per call agency from the ground up is no simple task. “We knew nothing about the pay per call business, but thanks to the Ringba team, we’re now pros,” said Mamane. After taking Ringba’s Pay Per Call Masterclass, WeCall Media set their sights on successfully launching and growing their agency. To realize their full potential, WeCall Media required a platform that could do more than just route calls. It needed to have a higher degree of functionality to maximize the efficiency of internal processes and deliver sustainable value for their clients.

WeCall Media was already acutely aware that Ringba was the best platform to work with. “We didn’t even bother looking at other call tracking platforms because we knew that Ringba is best-in-class for pay per call,” says Mamane, “I would be insane to use anything other than Ringba for our call tracking.”


WeCall Media’s primary objectives were to improve the quality of their call traffic and efficiently connect callers with the right buyers at the right time. To achieve this, they utilized Ringba’s technology to review calls, understand what exactly was happening at every level of the customer journey, and evaluate performance with Ringba’s reporting.

Increasing the Value of Calls Using Real-Time Call Tracking Software

“Information is key in this business. Margins can be lean and mean, so you must constantly be on the lookout for ways to fully leverage every call you generate,” said Mamane. “We truly maximized the opportunities from our call traffic thanks to Ringba’s industry-leading platform. Their features and functionality are superior to anything else on the market.”

WeCall Media utilized Ringba’s unique ability to monitor and route calls based on partner productivity. First, the WeCall Media team configured their campaigns to route duplicate callers to different buyers to achieve a higher probability of a conversion event. They then enabled real-time rerouting of calls based on their buyers’ behavior to make sure that if they received any busy signals or the buyers didn’t answer the phone, that they still had a chance at monetizing the caller. Lastly, WeCall Media’s team strategically prioritized specific publishers and buyers based on performance to significantly enhance their financial results.

“Ringba is critical to being able to dig into exactly what is happening at every level of the customer journey to ensure that everyone is winning at every level in the value chain,” says Mamane. “There are a lot of tools and features within Ringba that allow you to get the maximum value out of your call traffic.”

In addition to optimizing their call flow, WeCall Media made the most of Ringba’s call recording feature. “When we first started, we were able to generate really cheap calls but realized that some of those calls just weren’t what the buyer wanted,” says Mamane. “We gained the visibility we needed by listening to call recordings and understanding exactly who our buyer wanted to service. Those calls may have been billable, but they weren’t bringing our clients actual value. That’s no way to build a business.”


From $0 to $45,000 Revenue In Just 4 Weeks

Within just four weeks of implementing Ringba, WeCall Media had achieved $45.000 in revenue.“Ringba has been absolutely critical to our success,” Mamane says. “The results speak for themselves.”

Throughout the entire implementation process, WeCall Media was most impressed with the hands on professional customer service they received from Ringba. “Whether we initiated communications via live chat, email, or Skype, dedicated reps were readily available to provide the real-time support we needed,” said Mamane. “Ringba’s support is first-class; it really couldn’t be better.”

Improving Conversion Rates with Programmatic Pay Per Call

WeCall Media was able to use Ringba to streamline their business operations and add additional value to their call buyers. Through Ringba’s Instant Caller Profile technology, WeCall Media is able to append demographic and financial data to their calls in real-time. This process allows WeCall Media to deliver the best possible prospect possible to their partners.
“We can enrich our caller data in real-time using Instant Caller Profiles and qualify callers to deliver an enhanced customer experience with Interactive Voice Response,” Mamane noted.

“These tools play a critical role in boosting conversion rates for both our publishers and buyers.”

Ringba’s Real-time Call Ping Tree also delivered incredible value to WeCall Media through its integration with the world’s largest pool of programmatic call buyers. “Everyone else is using a Bic lighter while we’re using a blowtorch. You’re trying to start a fire with some kindling, but we’ve already got a bonfire going,” says Mamane. “If you’re not using Ringba, you’re not even in the game.”


WeCall Media is under no illusions about the challenges that lie ahead. “Margins are thin, competition is tough, the costs of advertising are very expensive, and the line between success and failure is razor-thin,” says Mamane. “Which is why having the best technology at your disposal is so incredibly important.”

By exploring new verticals, growing their team, and expanding their capabilities, WeCall Media has big plans to scale their business. “We have every confidence in Ringba’s ability to support our considerable growth plans. The platform gives us everything we need to make the right decisions and be successful.”

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