What is Call Tracking?


What is Call Tracking?

Your company spends a ton of money on digital marketing, and rightly so. That is how you introduce people to your brand and grow your business.

However, for important, expensive, and emotional purchases, people more than ever want to talk to a real human who can help. This is where most marketing teams are flying blind, because once the customer picks up the phone, all of your tracking stops, and that potential sale never gets attributed to your advertising spend.

What if there was a way to seamlessly connect your digital and offline marketing spend to sales that happen over the phone?

Top industry companies use Ringba’s award winning call tracking platform. Purpose-built for marketers, Ringba connects all of your phone-based conversion events to your advertising dollars, giving you a complete 360 degree view of your customer journey.

Because Ringba seamlessly integrates with all of the major advertising platforms and ships your conversion data in real-time, you can take full advantage of automatic optimization.

Learn more about how Ringba can help your organization track your complete customer journey and improve your return on advertising spend with a personalized demo now!

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