What is Dynamic Number Pool Tracking (and how to implement it)


What is Dynamic Number Pool Tracking (and how to implement it)

Ringba’s dynamic number pool call tracking software gives you detailed tracking information on all impression data so you can further optimize your campaigns. In the video below, we’ll tell you how.

The most effective way to implement call tracking is by using Dynamic Number Pools. Also called number swapping or DNI, dynamic number pools work by placing the Ringba JavaScript tag on your websites and landing pages to swap and display unique phone numbers to every user.

When a potential caller visits your page, Ringba will select an available phone number from the pool and locks it to that user’s browser session for a set amount of time, until they become idle, close the browser, or leave the page.

When the visitor picks up the phone and calls the number, Ringba attributes that call to the user’s session information giving you detailed tracking information about the source of the user so you can further optimize your campaigns.

Ringba tracks all impression data whether a user calls or doesn’t. This means you can gain even deeper insight by viewing reports based on keywords and other criteria to see who did call, who didn’t call, and adjust your advertising campaign targeting accordingly.

All of the data Ringba captures about your users is available in Reporting so you can uncover the specific details that are driving user behavior and call conversions.

How to Implement Call Tracking on Your Website

It’s really easy to install the Ringba JS Snippet on your website. Simply copy the code snippet from your Ringba account and paste it into the header in your HTML everywhere you want to track. Be sure to check out our Knowledge Base for all the details and don’t forget — you can always reach out to the Ringba team if you have any questions or need any help setting up Dynamic Number Pools with Ringba.

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