What is Pay Per Call?


What is Pay Per Call?

Lower your cost of acquisition risk, stabilize your marketing activities and acquire new customers. How? Pay Per Call.

Pay Per Call is the process of connecting a business with a prospective customer over the phone. Basically, pay per call means that a business is paying to receive an inbound phone call from a prospective customer.

Pay Per Call allows businesses to buy inbound phone calls from consumers who are interested in their products or services. The model is amazing for the business because it shifts the cost of acquisition risk from the advertiser, the company that needs customers, to the agency or affiliate that will be buying advertisements for their products or services.

This allows the business to predict their cost of acquisition and stabilize their marketing activities while also providing a unique opportunity for agencies and affiliates to create large amounts of profit by leveraging their marketing abilities.

Phone calls carry the highest intent of any consumer action – people only call if they’re actually interested in the product or service offering and they know when they call they may buy something. While Pay Per Call is the perfect way to acquire new customers for almost any business, without call tracking a potential sale may never get attributed to your advertising spend.

Pay Per Call and Ringba go hand-in-hand. Connect your marketing to your sales by getting insights seamlessly with Ringba.


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