Why You Need To Use Call Tracking With Google Ads


Why You Need To Use Call Tracking With Google Ads

Proper conversion tracking is a key component to a successful pay per call marketing campaign. But if you’ve ever run a call-based campaign on Google Ads, you already know that tracking phone calls can be a challenge.

Luckily, thanks to call tracking software like Ringba, connecting offline sales to your online marketing is easier than ever.

Google’s Free “Call Tracking” is Very Limited

Google provides a free call tracking and forwarding service when running a Call Campaign but unfortunately, it’s very limited and not very feature rich. If you are sending users to your website and they call, chances are you are not tracking those calls.

When you use Google’s call forwarding numbers, you have no control over that number and are only given the number of phone calls it received. Google will only route the call to a single phone number that you provide, and if for whatever reason that call doesn’t connect, you lose all of the potential value.

Google Ads also does not provide mission critical features like call recordings and the ability to create IVRs. Relying on Google’s free call tracking means that you’re missing out on a wealth of caller data.

If you are serious about running pay per call campaigns on Google Ads, you absolutely need a more advanced call tracking and analytics tool like Ringba.

Find out exactly what is driving calls and conversions

As a general rule of thumb; the more data you have, the better marketing campaigns you can run. Using Ringba’s dynamic number pools, you can gain detailed insights about your users so you can further optimize your Google Ads campaigns.

Ringba allows you to track what keywords generate calls on your website, an unlimited number of URL parameters, and automatically captures things about your callers like their city, state and zipcode, their browser, device type, wireless carrier and more. You can then use this data to better refine your Google Ads targeting, driving up conversions and your return on investment.

Record and listen to calls to improve and optimize campaigns

Listening to call recordings is the best way to learn more about the calls you are generating and improve your marketing campaigns and the performance of your team that is interacting with customers. You’d be surprised how many stories we’ve heard about huge insights made from simply listening to a few call recordings.

For example, one Ringba client discovered that his “Pest Control” campaign was inadvertently generating “Animal Control” calls that their buyer could not accept. They tweaked their IVR to disqualify callers looking for Animal Control, adjusted their Negative Keywords in the ad campaign and, voila! A highly profitable and sustainable advertising campaign was born.

If you want to achieve a more complete picture of which Google Ads campaigns are getting customers to pick up the phone, then call tracking software is the answer. Ringba’s 1-click Google Ads integration also makes it easy to automatically sync conversions with your Google account so you can view your call reporting and optimize your campaigns on the fly.

To learn more about how you can use Ringba’s call tracking platform with your Google Ads campaigns, reach out to an account manager today for a 1-on-1 demo!

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