Mobile-Responsive Design
The Ringba Portal is now sporting a responsive design and will look beautiful on any device.

Campaign Status
The “Campaign Status” column now displays the true status of a campaign (Enabled, Paused, Disabled). Campaigns that have completed the setup process will be displayed in a column titled Ready for Calls  .


Publisher Sub IDs
Add optional Sub ID parameters for even more robust Publisher tracking.

To create a new Publisher with a Sub ID, navigate to “Publishers” and click on “Add Publisher”. Provide the Publisher Name, enter “Sub ID” and click on “Add”.

To update an existing Publisher with a Sub ID , find the Publisher in the table and click on “Edit Publisher” under the “Actions” column.  Enter a “Sub ID” and click on “Update”.


User Invites for Publishers & Buyers
Create accounts for Buyers and Publishers without an email address and manage invites for new users.

Manage Invites for adding users to Publisher Accounts

To invite a user to Publisher Account, navigate to “Publishers” and click on “Manage Invites” under “Actions”.

Manage Invites for adding users to Buyer Accounts

To invite a user to a Buyer Account, navigate to “Buyers” and click on “Manage Invites” under “Actions”.


Other Improvements & Bugfixes

Our team was hard at work this month implementing changes based on direct feedback from clients and users. Here are some of the notable improvements we made to Ringba this January:

  • Campaigns can now be opened in a “New Tab” in your browser.
  • Added “Number Allocation” column to “Manage Numbers” tables.
  • Added “Renewal” column to “Manage Numbers” tables.
  • Dates for “Manage Numbers” are now displayed is the user’s Local Timezone
  • Added Publisher Permissions for creating Number Pools.
  • Added Search field to “Manage Targets” tables.
  • Fixed bugs with “Auto Recharge” form.
  • Added Pagination to “Billing Transactions”.
  • Added “Card Nickname” column to “Credits Cards”.
  • Minor bugfixes and optimizations to improve portal experience.


News & Announcements

Introducing our new System Status page

We actively monitor the Ringba platform to ensure your reliability and performance. To ensure that you are notified in case of any downtime or outages, we have launched a System Status page at

Use the Ringba’s System Status page to:

  • Check Ringba’s current system status;
  • Subscribe to updates via Email / SMS / Webhook / RSS;
  • View reports about Past Incidents;


If you have any questions about anything in our release notes, please feel free to contact us via email or ping us on chat.


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