Exclusive Private Communities for the Pay Per Call Industry


Exclusive Private Communities for the Pay Per Call Industry

Discover the best communities to connect with the Pay Per Call industry to find new new business opportunities, share your experiences and learn all about Pay Per Call.

PayPerCallers.com – The Only Forum Dedicated to the Pay Per Call Community

PayPerCallers.com is the only forum exclusively dedicated to the Pay Per Call Community. Our goal to bring together the growing community of Pay Per Call experts to share experiences, resources, links, guides, and help the industry as a whole grow.

It doesn’t matter if you are just starting out or have been running campaigns for years. Our members have made millions of dollars with Pay Per Call and the Pay Per Callers community is where you will learn how to do the same.

By becoming a Pay Per Caller, you will gain instant access to:

  • Discussion Threads
  • Network and Traffic Source Reviews
  • Guides / Tutorials
  • Resource Collections
  • Industry Insights from Pay Per Call Experts
  • The Pay Per Callers Marketplace for Buying, Selling and Hiring

Become a Pay Per Caller at PayPerCallers.com

Awesome Threads

Want a sneak peak of some of our top posts? Check out these awesome threads:

How to Participate

The best way to participate in any community is to be active and share your knowledge with others. This can be a simple tip or a complete in-depth guide. Either way, sharing your experience will help grow your personal brand while also helping others find news ways to be successful. A true win-win.

Here are some examples of how to participate and what to write:


Have expertise on a particular topic related to pay per call? Help others learn the fundamentals behind running a campaign in a specific vertical, or using a specific traffic source by sharing your knowledge and starting a discussion

How-To’s / Follow Alongs

Step-by-step tutorials are some of the best ways to learn and master a subject. How-To’s and Follow Alongs  are great ways to share your knowledge in a way that’s easy for the community to digest

Resource Collections

Who doesn’t love a well-curated collections of links on their favourite topic? Resource collections are excellent ways to share your favourite bookmarks and help out the community!

“Where to find…” Threads

Help others avoid pitfalls and fast-track their journey to success by helping other find information, tools and partners to help grow their business.

Answering Questions

Responding to threads and answering questions from other members helps keep our community strong. Members often post questions and sharing your knowledge gives back to the entire community

These are just some of the ways you can help grow the Pay Per Callers community and gain credibility with other industry experts. Join today and become a member of the Pay Per Callers community!

Become a Pay Per Caller at www.PayPerCallers.com

Pay Per Callers Live Chat Channels

Join the Pay Per Callers Chat Channels on Skype, Slack and Telegram to get instant responses and feedback from the best minds in the industry.

Buy and Sell Calls

Chatting with Pay Per Callers is an excellent way to find call buyers and sellers in real-time from hundreds of other members. If you’re looking for buyers or new campaigns, pinging the chat could lead to a new partnership and your next big opportunity in Pay Per Call.

Get Inside Information

Ask about reputations and prevent scammers from taking advantage of other members. Members have years of experience dealing with risky clients and can give you the heads up. On the other side, if you get burned by a scammer, let others know! It could save another Pay Per Caller from the headache.

Learn Industry Insights

Joining the Pay Per Callers Live Chat Channels will tune you into the Pay Per Call industry at large. Find out what’s changing, what’s hot, what campaigns are working and more.

Chat with Pay Per Callers on Skype, Slack, and Telegram.

Pay Per Callers Facebook Groups

You’ll find a ton of pay per call pros on Facebook. The online Pay Per Call community is growing bigger every day. Many network managers, call buyers and call sellers use Facebook Groups to look for new business and share industry insights.. If you’re in Pay Per Call, you need to get in these groups.

Join the community on Facebook:


We are very excited about all the new business and friendships these channels will create for everyone and are looking forward to seeing you there!

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