Pay Per Call for Call Centers


Pay Per Call for Call Centers

The #1 problem facing all call centers is matching variable call flow with fixed agent scheduling. This ultimately results in lost opportunities, huge overhead costs and the inability for call centers to effectively scale their workforce.

Here is the solution one of our call center clients used to scale their operation from 12 agents to more than 400 in 16 months using Ringba!

Pay Per Call Explained for Call Centers

Pay Per Call is a powerful advertising, billing, and performance marketing model for buying inbound calls from potential customers at a flat-rate. Buying leads on a per-call basis drastically reduces overall marketing risk.

With Pay Per Call, buyers are only paying for qualified inbound calls from prospective customers and sellers are only getting paid for sending calls that meet specific payout criteria.

Using Pay Per Call  to provide their agents with a steady stream inbound leads, Call Centers can accurately predict their call flow, operate at peak efficiency and only need to pay for qualified calls that meet their requirements.

Types of Call Centers that can use Pay Per Call

The Pay Per Call model you are going to learn is perfect all types of sales call centers but can be particularly effective for:

– Inbound Call Centers wanting to scale their business and improve their efficiency.
– Outbound Call Centers looking to switch to an inbound sales funnel.
– Blended Calls Centers seeking a cost-effective solution for eliminating abandoned calls.
– Call Centers that already buy leads.
– Call Centers that SELL.

How to massively scale your Sales Call Center with Pay Per Call

Through the use of call flow automation and pay per call marketing, call centers can radically change the trajectory of their business, giving them more control over their return on investment and growth.

Using Ringba to build a Pay Per Call program, call centers can accurately forecast their call flow by purchasing inbound calls at a flat rate and selling overflow traffic that their agents cannot handle to another call center.

The purpose of this model is to empower call centers to predict their incoming call flow, operate at peak efficiency and scale their business risk-free.

1) Find Call Sources

Call Sources can be lead brokers, pay per call networks, media buyers or anyone that is willing to sell inbound phone calls. Many of these sources buy targeted ads on traffic sources like Google AdWords or Facebook Ads to generate calls from prospective customers and will sell you their calls at a flat-rate.

The best way to find Pay Per Call partners is by networking online with experienced call marketers. Groups on Facebook, LinkedIn and Skype are all fantastic hubs for business development.

Check out Ringba’s curated collection of the best places to find and connect with pay per call sources.

2) Start Buying Calls

To accept calls from sources, call centers need to assess their capacity and available concurrency. How many calls can agents handle at once? What are the operating hours? How much will be paid per inbound call?

With these questions answered, call centers can start accepting calls from sources and work towards operating their center at peak efficiency.

3) Sell Call Overflow

Once the call center reaches peak efficiency, they will have to deal with the calls they cannot service. To alleviate this, Call Centers can either develop partnerships with competing call centers or find pay per call networks to buy their calls.

A properly balanced call flow ideally consisted of 3+ buyers for routing overflow traffic. This prevents any large spikes in call volume to any single buyer, prevents operational issues and avoid abandoned calls.

Don’t worry about making a profit off your call overflow. It’s less important that to make money from selling overflow calls but to eliminate the cost that otherwise would have been paid altogether.

Why Pay Per Call Works for Sales Call Centers

With phone calls coming in from Sources and calls that can’t be serviced being sold to other buyers, the opportunity cost of training a new agent is drastically reduced. Adjusting concurrency and agent availability redirects the call flow back to the call center.

The beauty behind this model is that it significantly reduces customer acquisition risk, increases operating efficiency, increases overall margins, allows for controlled growth without the typical opportunity cost loss, and gives the call center control over their competitors call flow.

How to Setup a Pay Per Call Program inside Ringba

Ringba provide calls centers with the exact solution for implementing Pay Per Call into their business. Pay Per Call ensures that trained agents can keep selling, new salespeople will always have a call to handle and you can efficiently scale your call center with zero-risk.

1) Setup your Campaign.
2) Configure your Call Center as the initial Target.
3) Use Publishers and Publisher Numbers for your Call Sources.
4) Use Buyers and additional Targets for your Call Buyers.
Access real-time reporting and analytics for tracking payouts and revenue.

How Ringba Helps Along The Way

Our dedicated team of Ringba product experts can help you setup and implement everything discussed in this article. From setting up your call center’s Pay Per Call program inside the Ringba platform, to making introductions to call buyers and sellers.

Learn More about Ringba and Pay Per Call

Ringba is a global communications platform for connecting consumers with businesses in real-time. Power your entire call business with the industry’s best call reporting and analytics and our intelligent routing engine.

Full Partner Management – Provide your partners with access to their own account and login portal for reviewing reports and send calls.
Hours of Operation, Concurrency & Capping – Quickly manage availability, adjust concurrency settings and set capping rules.
Route Overflow Call Traffic To Your Buyers – Automatically route abandoned calls using Ringba’s dynamic call routing engine.

Interested in building a Pay Per Call program for your call center? Sign up now or request a demo with a Ringba product expert!

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