The Pay Per Call Report: May 7, 2021


The Pay Per Call Report: May 7, 2021

This week’s episode of Ringba’s “Pay Per Call Report” for May 7, 2021 featuring market data and industry insights provided by OfferVault.

Top Categories

For the fifth consecutive week, Home Services dominates the top categories list claiming the number one spot yet again. Legal trails behind in the second position. Insurance struggles to keep up with the top two leading categories. Financial services falls behind the top three, claiming the fourth position as personal Insurance closely follows behind.

Home Services
Financial Services
Personal Insurance
Legal Services


Top Offers

Aragon Advertising and Netfly have been battling it out the past few weeks, but this week Netfly comes out on top taking the number one spot followed by Addiction Marketing Specialists and their rehab campaign. The Aragon Advertising IRS Tax Debt Relief campaign follows close behind in the third position. eLocal claims the fourth position as AddictionCalls took the fifth spot.

Trucking Accident Calls Nationwide | 24/7 (Weekly Payouts) NetFly
Rehab Raw – 2 Minute Call Duration – Direct Advertiser (24/7, Nationwide, No IVR, Weekly Payouts) Addiction Marketing Specialists
IRS Tax Debt Relief US US | Pay Per Call Exclusive Aragon Advertising
Addiction Treatment & Rehab | 24/7 | Nationwide **experience required** eLocal
Nationwide Drug & Alcohol Rehab – $600/ 6 Minute call – Pay Per Call AddictionCalls
PPC – Emergency Water Damage – 95 sec (US) Envyus Media
Personal Injury/Auto Accident / MVA California only Live Calls Network
Debt Consolidation | Canada American Classified Services
Rehab-24/7 nationwide 180 seconds Addiction Help Now
Water Damage | Flood Damage | 24/7 | Nationwide **experience required** eLocal
Tax Debt Relief – Inbounds – US (90 sec duration)
Motor Vehicle Accident – MVA (Weekly Payouts) NetFly
Personal Injury / Motor Vehicle Accident PALO
Debt Settlement | Leads | US MarketCall
Vivint Home Security US/CA CPA | Pay Per Call Aragon Advertising
PPCall: Solar – Duration Offer – Multiple States – 24/7 BrokerCalls
PPC – Mold Calls – 95 sec (US) Envyus Media
Home Warranty – Pay Per Call Triad Media
Long Distance Moving – Pay Per Call Millennium Professional Services
Rehab – 3 Minute Call Duration – Direct Advertiser (24/7, Nationwide, No IVR) Addiction Marketing Specialists


Top Networks

HyperTarget Marketing continues to DOMINATE the top networks list. Lead Smart follows behind in the second spot, but both networks continue to distance themselves further from the rest of the top networks. For the third week, Aragon Advertising claims the third spot. eLocal sits at the fourth position again this week, and Astoria Company overtakes MarketCall for the fifth top Networks position.

This week, all 5 top pay per call networks are Ringba customers.

HyperTarget Marketing
Lead Smart
Aragon Advertising
Astoria Company
Live Calls Network
Digital Market Media
American Classified Services


Pay Per Call Trends

For more market insights, we turn to our industry expert, Dave Mamane, CEO and Founder of WeCall.

What advice do you have for new publishers looking to get into health insurance pay per call campaigns and where do you see this industry in a year from now?

“There’s a lot of compliance, it’s very sensitive. to the buyer. Protect the data, you are subject to HIPAA. This is a very sensitive category. There’s a lot of government oversight and compliance is taken very seriously. Google’s new policy is going to shake out a lot of “we cant’s”. I think a lot of small publishers are not going to necessarily go through with the G2 update and that will create opportunity for those looking to get into this vertical.”

– Dave Mamane, WeCall

For the full clip, skip to 2:27 in the video.

Pay Per Call Opportunities

1-800-PayPerCall, a marketing & media agency that specializes in performance based media is looking for bankruptcy calls. If you are interested in working with Rate Marketplace, please reach out to your representative or  for further details.

Rate Marketplace, an insurance and financial services consumer acquisition platform, is ramping up traffic for search, display and SMS and are looking for Auto Insurance buyers (with plans to diversify into Life Insurance, Home Insurance, Medicare and Under65 Health). If you are interested in working with Rate Marketplace, please reach out to your representative or  for further details.

WeCall, a pay per call marketing network, is looking to buy Pest Control calls from qualified pay per call publishers. If you are interested in working with WeCall, please reach out to your representative or  for further details.

Pay Per Call Careers

In a clear sign of industry growth, there are more pay per call career opportunities than ever this week.

CallTrader is hiring an Account Manager with experience in the lead generation and pay per call industry. Work with top clients in the Insurance industry with a generous salary and bonus structure. Remote applicants are okay. For more information reach out to

Marketcall is expanding! They’re looking to hire a Business Development Manager and Affiliate Manager. The office is in Los Angeles, but remote applicants are okay. For more information reach out to

Ringba Product Updates

The Ringba team has released new functionality that gives you the ability to view Individual Number Pools Misses and Impressions by day and month.

Individual Number Pool Misses and Impressions

Pixels now have an “Advanced” option so you can choose a Method and add headers to your Ringba Tracking Pixels.

Advanced Tracking Pixels

In Ringba’s IVR Builder, you now have the ability to specify a max recording time for call recordings in the “Dial” node.

Max Recording Time in the Dial node


Thank you for watching this week’s episode of “The Pay Per Call Report” and a big thank you to our friends over at OfferVault for providing us with up to the minute market data and helping us analyze the top pay per call trends. Be sure to tune in every Friday afternoon and subscribe to our YouTube channel to stay on top of changes in the industry. If you are a Ringba customer and would like to be featured on the show, please contact your representative for more information.

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