Top 3 Reasons Your Business Needs Call Tracking


Top 3 Reasons Your Business Needs Call Tracking

Effectively track, manage and report on inbound calls and see what advertisements are converting callers into customers with call tracking.

If your business connects with customers over the phone, you absolutely need to be tracking your inbound calls.

With inbound call tracking, businesses and marketers can gain deep insights into what is driving purchasing decisions while connecting offline sales to online marketing. Your business may advertise on websites, social media, directories and also use offline methods like print, TV and radio. But are you tracking if those advertisements are converting callers into customers?

The only way for your business to effectively track, manage and report on inbound calls is with inbound call tracking software like Ringba.

1. You need to track the sources of your inbound calls is simply to figure out what is working

If you are advertising in two different weekly newspapers, on facebook, instagram, and through your email newsletter you may know that all of these efforts combined are generating lots of new customers for your business, but if you do not track your phone calls you won’t know whether one is more effective than another.

What if the $5,000 you spent on one newspaper ad only brought in $400 in revenue, but the $500 you spent on facebook brought in $10,000 in revenue? If you’re not tracking your calls you’ll never know, and you’re probably wasting a lot of money on your advertising.

2. Knowing when your customers are calling is crucial to your success.

When you track your phone calls you’re able to see when your customers are calling and engaging with your advertising. What if you’re advertising is really effective, but your customers are calling after work or on the weekends when you’re closed?

If you’re not tracking your calls, you may never know when the most important times are to make sure someone is available to sell. Knowing your potential customer’s habits is essential to running a successful marketing campaign.

3. Customers are in the driver’s seat. If you’re not providing an exceptional customer experience, you probably won’t get the sale. Or worse, they will leave you a bad review.

Having call tracking allows you to review your customer experience and improve it. Using a system like Ringba will allow you to listen to recordings, coach your sales people, improve your customer experience, and do a better job of presenting your brand with things like custom recordings and voicemails.

There’s no question that Call Tracking is the key ingredient to connecting online activities with offline activities, allowing you to understand your customers like never before. If you are not currently tracking your calls, you need to get in contact with our team right away.

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