Paid Traffic for Pay Per Call


Paid Traffic for Pay Per Call

One of the most effective methods for driving calls to your campaigns is through buying pay-per-click ads. Running effective ad campaigns is a key component to generating high quality inbound phone calls.

Some of the best paid traffic sources for getting calls include; Search, Social, and PPV.

These traffic sources all give you extremely specific targeting options to find the exact callers you’re looking for, at the exact moment they are looking for a solution and getting them to click-to-call.

Search Traffic

With Search traffic and keyword-targeting, you can find customers with active buyer-intent. Search traffic is the highest quality type of traffic you can target for your pay per call campaigns. Customers using search engines are actively looking for a solution to their current problem.

Search traffic sources include ad platforms like Google AdWords, Microsoft Bing Ads and Yahoo! Gemini.

Mobile Traffic

With Mobile Traffic, you can access traffic from users accessing their mobile devices. Buying Mobile traffic is especially valuable for Pay Per Call marketers because your audience is already using their mobile device which makes clicking to call that much easier.

Mobile traffic sources include ad networks like, Go2Mobi, Airpush and InMobi.

Social Traffic

With Social traffic and audience-targeting, you can find different buyer-types. Social is a passive type of traffic — this means that the people who are using social media are not necessarily ready take action, find a solution or purchase a product.

Social traffic sources include ad platforms like Facebook AdsTwitter Ads and LinkedIn Ads.

Contextual / PPV Traffic

With PPV traffic and behavior-targeting, you can target a customers based on the content they are being served. These types of ads are typically the lowest-quality type of traffic you can buy because they are interruptive to a user’s browsing experience.

PPV traffic sources include ad networks like Adsterra, Adcash, Propel Media and RTX Platform.

Other Traffic Sources

Buying ads online isn’t the only way to promote your pay per call campaigns  — offline strategies like print, TV and radio can also be extremely effective for promoting your tracking numbers and connecting business with inbound calls.

With call tracking software like Ringba, you can finally to tie those offline campaigns to the rest of your marketing activities.  

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