What is Pay Per Call?


What is Pay Per Call?

Pay Per Call is a powerful advertising, billing, and performance marketing model for connecting businesses with inbound customer calls.

Similar to other lead gen strategies, Pay Per Call (or PPCall) is a simple way for advertisers to buy and connect to qualified calls from real customers.

When it comes to lead generation, businesses all over the world are actively looking to connect with qualified prospects over the phone and they are more than willing to pay lots of money for those calls. Using pay per call as lead gen strategy, these business can buy inbound calls from potential customers on a per call basis.

Simply put, pay per call means that someone is paying to receive an inbound customer phone call.

You are directly connecting customers with the businesses who need them – real humans like you or me who need a solution at the exact moment they are looking for one. That’s why this industry is so exciting and ripe with opportunity.

The tactics and strategies used to generate calls are different from other types of online marketing. You are going to need to be more creative, put in more legwork and use non-traditional marketing techniques to drive inbound calls that convert.

How Pay Per Call Works

With pay per call marketing, a buyer pays you on a per call basis to be connected to a caller. Performance marketing can get a little complicated with multiple stakeholders, platforms, networks and others, but generally speaking, pay per call involves three people: the caller, the buyer and you.

Here’s what a simplified call flow looks like:

Step 1)  You place an ad online with your tracking number;

Step 2)  The caller sees your ad and calls the displayed tracking number;

Step 3)  You route the call to the buyer;

Step 4)  The buyer receives the call and pays you for it;

Step 5)  You track and report on the call.

Why Pay Per Call?

Why are we so obsessed with calls here at Ringba?

Nowadays, everyone has a phone.

The number of people who have a smartphone in their pocket is higher than it has ever been in history – and that worldwide footprint is growing bigger every single day.

In the US alone, 95% of the population already owns a smartphone and by 2020, there will be more than 6 billion people who own a smartphone worldwide.

Those are a lot of potential callers..

Pay Per Call leads have a much higher conversion rate and significantly improve your marketing ROI. When your business takes advantage of Pay Per Call Marketing, you are giving your customers a better opportunity to connect with your brand and talk to real human.

How To Get Started With Pay Per Call

To start running Pay Per Call, you are going to need a few things:

You need offers / call buyers

You are going to need someone to buy your calls. Without a buyer to send your traffic and pay for the inbound calls you generate, you don’t have a Pay Per Call business.

You need paid traffic sources

You are going to need to buy targeted traffic in order to generate inbound calls for your clients.

Some of the best paid traffic sources for getting calls include; Search, Social, and PPV.

With Search Traffic and keyword-targeting, you can find customers with active buyer-intent. Search traffic is the highest quality type of traffic you can target for your pay per call campaigns. Customers using search engines are actively looking for a solution to their current problem.

Search traffic sources include ad platforms like Google AdWords and Microsoft Bing Ads.

With Social traffic and audience-targeting, you can find different buyer-types. Social is a passive type of traffic — this means that the people who are using social media are not necessarily ready take action, find a solution or purchase a product.

Social traffic sources include ad platforms like Facebook Ads and Twitter Ads.

With PPV traffic and domain-targeting, you can find customer based on their buyer-history. These types of ads are typically the lowest-quality type of traffic you can buy because they are interruptive to a user’s browsing experience.

PPV traffic sources include ad networks like Adsterra, Adcash, Propel Media and RTX Platform.

All three of these paid traffic sources give you extremely specific targeting options to find the exact callers you’re looking for, at the exact moment they are looking for a solution and getting them to click-to-call.

You need Creative Assets

You are going to need creative assets (hosting, domains, landing pages, banners) in order to run your marketing campaigns. Creative assets are essential to running an online business – let alone a pay per call marketing business.

You need Call Tracking Software

Call tracking software is without a doubt the number one requirement for doing pay per call.

If you want to be successful with Pay Per Call, you absolutely need call tracking – plain and simple. It’s the most important piece of the puzzle.

Ringba for Pay Per Call

If you are running pay per call campaigns or working with inbound calls, Ringba gives you everything you need to setup, track, manage and optimize your call marketing campaigns so you can generate higher-quality calls and more conversions for your buyers.

Here are just some of the things Ringba allows you to do with Pay Per Call:

Get Tracking Numbers – Get local and toll-free numbers for tracking data and routing calls.
Route Calls to Targets – Create dynamic routing plans for your campaigns for forwarding calls to the best destination.
Manage Call Campaigns – Track, manage and optimize all your call marketing campaigns from a single platform.
Create Custom IVRs (beta) – Build custom IVR trees for qualifying callers and routing them to Targets.
Attribute Traffic Sources – Optimize your campaigns by find your highest converting traffic sources.
Analyze Reports – View detailed call analytics, export reports and work with data in real-time.

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